BOX PROFILE: NFL Giant Rob Gronkowski

NFL 87 Rob Gronkowski waving

Hello to you too Gronk, Rob is known for his sense of humour 

red 87 white top white gloves

Rob plays tight end on the pitch and had a tight ass off it!


When we say ‘giant’ we don’t mean the sports team, we mean that Rob Gronkowski is a big man. 6 ft 6 big in fact. Nicknamed Gronk, Gronkowski plays tight end for the Tampa Bar Buccaneers having joined the team in 2020.


Rob Gronkowski flexing massive biceps

Those are some killer guns you've got there Gronk! 

Rob Gronkowski white top on pitch

Is this the NFL or Dancing with the Stars?

For eight years from 2010-2018, Rob played for the New England Patriots after being plucked as a Pre-Business major when he was at the University of Arizona. That’s a dorm room where we wouldn’t have minded being a fly on the wall!


Rob Gronkowski dancing on boat topless

Ok maybe it IS Dancing With The Stars as Gronk throws some shapes on holiday.  

Rob Gronkowski flexes biceps on stage

Don't you hate it when your friend does that and you're wear a flamingo shirt?


Off the pitch, he co-wrote a memoir about his life called It's Good to be Gronk which came out in 2015 and went on to become New York Times Bestseller


When you’re as fit as Gronk, it’s no surprise that the word of TV and media would come a-knocking - he even inspired an erotic novel about him.


Rob Gronkowski catches ball biceps

There are those buns again, you could bounce a quarter of Rob's butt!

He’s featured on third series of The Masked Singer and has been in Family Guy, Entourage and even Shark Tank. Lucky sharks we say, we’d defo try and take a bite out of Gronk!


Rob Gronkowski carrying ball with big biceps

Rob's got a good package to go with the football he's carrying

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