BOX PROFILE - NFL Hottie Eric Decker

Eric decker catches ball muscly arms

Double Decker - Eric displays both his veiny muscled up arms

34-year-old Eric Decker is definitely one of the NFL’s sexiest players with a career spanning eight seasons, displaying some killer skills as well as beefy biceps to die for.

Eric decker in white 87 kit with mare arms

Decker displays his bulging arms and pants on the pitch

eric decker white tee jacket

Not just a hottie on the pitch but off it as well


Eric really filled out his kit in his time on major teams, going from the Denver Broncos for four years and then the New York Jets for three finishing up at the Tennessee Titans for one last season.


Decker stand a hefty 6ft 3 and plays the position of wide receiver when on the pitch.


eric decker big arms catches ball

 Eric proves that he's definitely a real catch!

eric decker blue tshirt looking up big arms

Things are looking up when Eric and those big arms are around  


He attended school in Cold Springs, Minnesota. He went onto play college football and college baseball at the University of Minnesota.  


In 2012 Decker married country music singer Jessie James and they had their first son in 2015. They starred in their own reality show on E! called Eric & Jessie: Game on which ran from late 2013 until 2017.


eric decker and colin jost on frow

With celeb pals including Mr Scarlett Johannsen, SNL's Colin Jost

eric decker in white and green kit on pitch

He's sure not 'armless with those beefy limbs

eric decker with blue jacket and white tee

 Polished look - Decker in suave mode off the field 



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