BOX PROFILE: NFL Man Mountain J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt running with ball and black hat biceps

Oof! J.J. Watts is a pure bred beef cake and we're here for those giant arms.


Another humungous player at a whopping 6 foot 5, Justin James was born in Wisconsin in 1989 and drafted in Houston Texas as part of the 2011 draft playing defensive end for the Houston Texans until this year when he moved to the Arizona Cardinals.


J.J. Watt tall blue top red sleeves

Watts that in your pants J.J.? Some thick thighs that's what.

J.J. Watt huge arms and white vest

He's got 99 problems but his bulging biceps certainly aren't one of them!


Watt has two younger brothers, both of whom play for the Pittsburgh Steelers – now THAT’s a Thanksgiving meal we wouldn’t mind getting an invite to.  


J.J. Watt helmet throwing ball

J.J. definitely isn't the pits but we sure like his! 

J.J. Watt grey top training pecs

Hell yeah! We LOVE a grey trackie on a man and J.J. fills his with perfection.


Watt is a total hunk by all accounts and his bulging muscles and imposing stature make him one hot NFL player. He’s also a relatively good actor/comedian, having hosted Saturday Night Live in February 2020 which is no mean feat for even the most seasoned of performers.


J.J. Watt white vest top headphones

J.J. Watt jogs on the spot and give us that good bulge jiggle 


As for his personal life, he met and is now married to Kealia Ohai who is one of the stars of the U.S. Woman's National soccer team. They had their wedding in 2020 taking hot JJ off the market.


J.J. Watt pecs and biceps black headphones

Is it chilly? Those nips are out and about looking very tasty.

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