BOX PROFILE: NFL pretty boy Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey looking up black top no helmet

McCaffrey giving it his best blue steel into the bleachers mid game

Born in 1996 in Castle Rock, Colorado (no relation to the Stephen King universe TV series of the same name), Christian is relatively young compared to a lot of the lads in our NFL profiles. At only 25 he’s only been playing professional football for four years.


Christian McCaffrey blue top white gloves

We don't know what bulge to look at, the arms or the crotch!

Christian McCaffrey blue top number 22 biceps

Wet t-shirt contests were all the rage when Christian was about 

MCaffrey plays running back but we’d be running towards him given half the chance with those rippling muscles and model looks. He’s been playing for the Carolina Panthers since 2017 and has also been dating the fashion influencer Olivia Culpo since 2018.


Christian McCaffrey signs jersey for fan big arms

Can we have a couple of those mate, just for eBay OF COURSE

Christian McCaffrey running in black and blue top

Woah, welcome to the gun show. We'll have front row tickets please!

As well as those bulging muscles and drop deaf gorgeous good looks, he’s got something of a sporting family to fall back on. McCaffrey's father was an NFL player and his brother is a free agent (not affiliated with any teams).


Christian McCaffrey black top catching ball

We're a sucker for a tight fitted sports top, especially when it full to the brim!

His two younger brothers are currently college football players so it probably won’t be long before they’re drafted and his uncle played college basketball. Even his grandfather was an Olympic track star and his mother was a college soccer player!


Christian McCaffrey cheering biceps

'Hey babes!' Christian always waves to his fans, even at difficult moments like this

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