BOX PROFILE: NFL's Big Hitter Mychal Kendricks

Mychal Kendricks in white top and black hat

Mychal Kendricks dishes a out a steely glare to melt the hardest of hearts. (All pics: Getty)

30-year old Mychal Kendricks hails from California, playing college football for the California Golden Bears. He started off on the Philadelphia Eagles then went to the Cleveland Browns (not to be confused with the character of the same name in Family Guy!).


Mychal Kendricks walks towards cam bulge and muscles

Oof - those are some thick arms and a the pouch ain't bad either 

Mychal Kendricks stomach out runs for ball

Reach for the stars! Mychal's top fights with gravity and loses


Next up the 5’11 linebacker then went to the Seattle Seahawks followed by the Washington Football Team.


Mychal Kendricks huge arms green top gloves

We can't get enough of Mychal's beefy arms 

mychal black hat should pads stripes

Pouty lips, a steely glare and some hot stubble. Tick tick tick (boom)!

Unfortunately Kendricks has also been a bit of a bad boy. In August 2018, he was charged with insider trading, allegedly making $1.2 million from investments in 2014. Mychal pleaded guilty in 2018 and faced a possible 25 years in prison although it was predicted it would be more like 3 or 4 years.


Mychal Kendricks 30 blue and yellow jersey

Definitely not a mugshot and we're loving Mychal's pads

Mychal Kendricks on pitch in altercation

Now now boys let's keep this clean. Save it for the pitch...oh wait

Sentencing has been postponed again to July 2021 and he is hoping to receive probation. He is supposedly obsessed with his dog and his nephew which is totally adorable and coupled with his hotness we can look past a little white-collar crime!

Mychal Kendricks on pitch muscles

Gladiators ready! Where are these guys' pugil sticks?



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