BOX PROFILE: NFL's Thor Clay Matthews

clay matthews blue yellow biceps

What's that you say? The Avengers need me? Clay Matthews assembles


Clay weighs in at a whopping 6ft 3 and is what’s called a free agent. Before you get excited though, that just means he’s not currently affiliated with any teams in the NFL. Previously he has played for the Green Bay Packers for nearly a decade and then the Los Angeles Rams.


Clay Matthews white top helmet huge muscles

Hell yeah those arms - its not just the hair that makes Clay a Thor doppellganger 


clay matthews green top blond hair muscles

Hair-tastic - Clay might want to tie that up, it can get rough on the pitch


Matthews comes from good American football stock, his brother Casey is a former NFL linebacker and the son of another former NFL linebacker, Clay Matthews Jr (yes he’s officially named William Clay Matthews III).


clay matthews biceps white top muscles

Clay Matthews is definitely not the pits

clay matthews blue and yellow holding helmet huge biceps

Those big veiny biceps are getting us into the NFL in a huge way


clay matthews in action arm muscles  

Putting his best arm forward getting physical on the pitch 


We can’t get enough of those giant arms and bulging tight end. He bears more than a striking resemblance to Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame with his blond locks and towering stature. Matthews and his wife Casey Noble-Matthews have three children together.


clay matthews pitch fighting biceps  

Clay rocks his number 52 so you know just where to look

clay matthews black top hair back

Keeping it smart and sexy at a post game press conference

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