BOX PROFILE: Rugby legend Manu Tuilagi

Manu Tuilagi  white top throws ball

 Manu Tuilagi shows his ball skills and chunky arms

Manu Tuilagi  blue top blue shorts

Get the nips out for the lads, Manu shows off his beef


Born in Samoa in 1991, Manu has 5 (yes FIVE) older brothers who have ALL played national rugby for the nation. What we’d give to be a fly on the wall in that house! They must have to have a specially made dinner able to get all those massive thighs underneath!


Manu Tuilagi crawls red kit on

Showing off his massive chunky thighs on the rugger pitch 

Manu Tuilagi in action on pitch red kit

 Manu has some of the best thick thighs in the business 


Despite being the baby of the family, he’s still 6 foot 1 and weighs in at a whopping 17.4 stone. He currently plays for the Sale Sharks with a fetching blue and white kit here in the UK as part of the Rugby Union who are based in Cheshire and have been for a remarkable 160 years! Manu plays centre and has played for the British and Irish Lions as he became a British citizen in 2014.


Manu Tuilagi big biceps white top and shorts

 Rugby is a violent business at times and Manu has the scars to prove it

Manu Tuilagi  hands on hips blue top

 The Samoan has five older brothers all playing professional rugby


He has had some injuries of late, Alex Sanderson, the Sharks’ director of rugby said recently: “For seven or eight years, he’s only ever played 12 games in a season. I think he knows that if he gets another serious injury, that might be it. That might be his career. If you fail to learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it. Even though he’s really fresh now and good to go, I don’t want to be another coach in a long line of coaches who pushes him too hard so he gets re-injured at some point in the season.”


Manu Tuilagi white top crouches for ball

Giant thighs are par for the course in pro rugby 

Manu Tuilagi  red kit runs with ball

Manu has a bulge in his shorts to match his bulging biceps


He continued: “You’ve got to look at his past history and when he wants those games to occur, not just to keep playing him because he feels fresh. That’s what has broken him every other time. Of course, I want to play him because he’s great for the team and is in good form, but this is more about him as an individual, getting him through the season and getting him fit for England”



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