BOX PROFILE: Rugby's Gorgeous Giorgi Kveseladze

Giorgi Kveseladze posing in maroon top white shorts

Hello Giorgi boy! Smooth as silk but hard as nails  


At only 23, Giorgi is one of the youngest players on the international rugby stage. Born in the capital of Georgia, Tbilsli, Giorgi began his international career in 2014 when he took part in Georgia's European Under-20 Championship winning campaign.



Giorgi Kveseladze maroon top white shirts

 Giorgi on the pitch, doing what he does best 


His victory with the team qualified Georgia for the 2015 World Under-20 Trophy, in which Kveseladze took part and Georgia won the competition. Kveseladze was particularly noticeable in the final, where he scored two tries.


Giorgi Kveseladze red vest passing ball

 Giorgi in action, handling the ball the way he knows he can 

Giorgi Kveseladze massive thick thighs white dirty shorts

Rugby is a contact sport and we're here for that  


Georgia has its own problems right now, in particular when it comes to LGBT rights. Back in July, a man was killed after an anti-LGBT mobs caused the Tbilisi Pride event to be cancelled. The mob attacked people, including journalists who were covering the event resulting in international outcry and calls for the government to step in.


Giorgi Kveseladze red top white ball stripe shorts

Handsome as ever, Giorgi rocks a double top


Talking about playing for his national team he said: “I’ve been there four months and I think I am playing as well as I have ever been. I hope I can keep on improving because I am playing with very professional players in a very professional environment which helps a lot.”



Giorgi Kveseladze press shot bulging pecs

We love a press shot, and he knows how to work a camera


It’s a bit of a mystery as to whether he has a partner or not but with his model good looks and giant thighs, he’s bound to get a lot of interest from the ladies (and the lads!). He fills a sports top with massive pecs and bulges in all the right places making him one to watch in the rugby world.


Giorgi Kveseladze plays on field in mid tackle

That's a pose we wouldn't say no to, especially with that bubble butt

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