BOX PROFILE: French fancy Maxime Machenaud

Maxime Machenaud massive biceps spinning ball

As far as profiles go, Maxime's is nigh-on perfect!

Maxime Machenaud blue top pecs and biceps

Veiny arms and pecs to die for with Monsieur Machenaud 


At only 5ft 8, Maxime isn’t the tallest rugby player but he certainly has a lot of other fairly obvious charms. The 32 year-old-French man is definitely one of the fittest players in Rugby Union. The position he plays scrum half where being short and fast work to the advantage of the rugby player.


Maxime Machenaud white and blue stripes big thighs

Maxime has thick thighs to the max! 

Maxime Machenaud white and blue stripes big thighs

Maxime brings down a titan on the pitch 


Maxime was born in the wine region or Bordeaux so no doubt knows a good vintage when he sees one. Not only does he play for the team Racing 92 which is based in suburban Paris but he also plays on the French national team.


Maxime Machenaud white and blue stripes big thighs

Oof, those are some beefy arms you've got there Max

Maxime Machenaud blue top biceps

Bulging biceps plus tats equals HOT

With his model good looks and stacked bod, he’s the perfect rugby specimen. Not only does he have bulging biceps but big pecs, giant thighs and rock-hard abs. He doesn’t mind getting his assets out on the pitch in his figure-hugging kit.


Maxime Machenaud blue top biceps

Maxime is about to play us like a very big drum

Maxime Machenaud blue top abs

Oh you just KNEW he had perfect washboard abs too


As for his private life you wouldn’t expect a hunk like Maxime to be single, and you’d be right! He was snapped up a while ago and is married to the gorgeous Sophie Machenaud and they have two young kids.


Maxime Machenaud blue top biceps thighs

We love seeing Max getting into a bit of action

Maxime Machenaud blue top biceps pecs in shirt

Bulges in all the right places, Maxime in his press shots

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