BOX PROFILE: Scotland's Allan Dell

Allan Dell hands on hips white top

Scotland's Allan Dell is a meaty piece of rugby man 

Allan Dell blue vest short shorts navy hat

We can even forgive that hat with those chunky thighs and arms


Allan Michael Elgin Dell was born in 1992South Africa but is now a Scottish international rugby union player playing for London Irish. Confused? Yes, us too! He qualifies for the country through his grandmother, who was born in Paisley and brought up in Edinburgh.


What we do know is that this 6’1 beast of a man plays prop and with thighs like that, he could definitely support the whole scrum! 


Allan Dell grey top playing rugby on pitch

Dell in actions, showing his massive guns and ball control 

Allan Dell grey top playing rugby on pitch

Thick thighs are the order of the day for Dell 


At 17 stone, Allan is a big lad for a 29-year-old and he made his Scotland debut in the 2016 Autumn Test against Australia and had the distinction of being named as a British & Irish Lion the year after. 


Dell continued to be a front-row power house on the 2017 summer tour, starting beating Italy in Singapore and coming on as a replacement in the win over Australia in Sydney!


Allan Dell blue top press shot rugby ball

Allan Dell does his best blue steel for the press shots

Allan Dell blue top rugby ball

Tongueing the competition, Dell licks his adversaries  


Then he was called up to the British & Irish Lions squad on their tour in New Zealand and he also earned himself three more Scotland caps during the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.


So who has caught this packing man mountain’s eye? Well it’s clear he like a pair of short shorts and his wife Chelsea clearly agrees! Allan proposed back in 2017 to his Londoner girlfriend and they are now married and living in Edinburgh. In Instagram, he often calls her his ‘best friend’ which we bet the lads remind him of in the showers after the match!


Allan Dell grey top exercises by net

 Stretching out those huge pecs by a football net

Allan Dell blue top blue shorts rugby ball

Dell's thigh muscles are on full display, even though he needs the bathroom  

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