BOX PROFILE: Tennis newbie Jack Draper

jack draper white tshirt white cap on court

Jack Draper this week on Wimbledon's Centre Court

jack draper white tshirt white cap on court

Reach for the stars - the 19-year-old gave it his all


When it comes to tennis, the UK hasn’t exactly been inundated with sex symbols. Say what you will about Andy Murray’s incredible track record, he’s not exactly pin-up material despite some killer forearms. That could all be about to change.


jack draper white tshirt white cap on court abs

Abs-olutely everybody thinks Draper's hot stuff

jack draper white tshirt white cap on court

Put your best forearm forward - Draper's shows some skill


Step up 19-year-old Jack Draper who just gave Novak Djokovic a run for his dinars on the first day of Wimbledon. With his model good looks, washboard abs and rock-hard thighs, Jack is definitely the cream to our strawberries.


Draper’s been around tennis all his life so it’s no surprises that he wanted to get into it professionally himself. His dad Roger Draper used to be the boss of the Lawn Tennis Association (which runs the Wimbledon competition) and he even went to the same posh private school as Tim Henman.


jack draper white tshirt black trouser model shot

Draper's tried a bit of modelling in the past - plenty more to come we suspect! 

jack draper white tshirt white cap on court

Oof - Draper gave the match every effort in his first Wimbledon

Already ranked 253rd in the world, it was just the luck of the draw that put up against Djokovic in the first match on Centre Court of Wimbledon since 2019. A proud Brit from Leatherhead, has been playing tennis his whole life with his brother Ben graduating from the University of California with a tennis scholarship.


jack draper white tshirt blue cap on court

We're lucky Draper likes to wear loose t-shirts eh 


Jack has already done a few modelling shoots showing off his tight bod and send the boys and the girls wild in tight undies in tasteful positions. Seeing as he’s just come on our radar and he’s only a teenager, Jack’s clearly got a glittering career ahead of him.


jack draper white tshirt white cap on court

Yesss - Jack's very pleased with his epic performance

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