BOX PROFILE: Vernon Davis heats up the NFL

Vernon Davis in maroon top biceps bald head ball

Biceps for days - Vernon Davis on the pitch 


Another big fella, Vernon David weighs in at 6ft 3 and grew up in Washington D.C. before enrolling at the University of Maryland. He has played tight end for the San Francisco 49ers for 11 years before going on to play for the Denver Broncos in 2015 finishing off with 3 years at the Washington Redskins.


 Vernon Davis abs tracksuit bottoms

Vernon's no stranger to getting out those rock-hard washboard abs

 Vernon Davis red helmet yellow gloves

Playing for the Redskins  - who are currently called the Washington Football Team after dropping the name now deemed offensive. 


Davis take his fitness very seriously, making sure he lifts huge weights to keep his strength up. He is an advocate for body confidence as well, appearing in the buff for an ESPN shoot. He’s not ashamed of showing it off once in a while as these pics prove.


 Vernon Davis topless muscles locker room

Oof - Vernon gets a muscle massage, do they need a hand? 

 Vernon Davis passes ball tight bottoms biceps

Putting those muscles to good use - Vernon plays ball

 Vernon Davis big booty yellow tights

NFL's number 85 Vernon plays tight end - and we can see why!


Vernon’s no stranger to a bit of TV work a well, appearing on the US version of Whose Line is it Anyway in 2015.


 Vernon Davis yellow pants red top

Hello mellow yellow! Packing out his kit in all the right places


He also popped on his dancing shoes to compete in a different kind of competition, Dancing with the Stars in September 2020. Strictly he didn’t do too badly coming in fifth after six weeks on the show. As for how hot he is? It’s 10’s across the board!  


 Vernon Davis in altercation beefed up and blue top

It's a tough business being on the pitch when you're up against Vernon






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