Chris Hemsworth – The New Face of Tag Heuer.

It’s no secret that Chris Hemsworth has a super-hot body and the cat’s officially out the bag that he is the star of the new Tag Heuer campaign. In fact, we’ve got a few little snaps of him for you to feast your eyes upon.


The Chris Hemsworth Tag Heuer Campaign


The gorgeous 37-year-old actor looks amazing in the latest Tag Heuer campaign. As you’ll be able to see below there is a mixture of shoots. One of which being Chris flexing his big chunky muscles with dumbbells and ropes and another being Chris in a homely casual setting wearing day to day attire that is set off nicely with a statement watch. You can choose which is your favourite...


The Product


The collection ranges from physical and practical watches to super smart chunky watches that make you look like you mean business. Both editions are predicted to sell out instantly, so if you like what you see – I wouldn’t wait around. The watch suited for fitness and physical activity is called the Connected and is ‘A fantastic companion for daily life as well as fitness training.’ The new fitness watch monitors heart rate and calorie expenditure during workouts. Let’s take a look at some of the sexy picture that were captured…


Chris Hemsworth pumping iron flexing his muscles to showcase the new Connected Tag Heuer watch


Chris Hemsworth in action during the latest Tag Heuer campaign lifting silver dumbbells, flexing his biceps drawing attention to the beautiful device wrapped around his wrist that is the Tag Connected.


Well we’re certainly off to a good start. We can’t help but checkout the hunky actor who plays Thor more so than the watch itself! Although we must say, the bright coloured strap makes the watch stand out against Chris’s all black attire. To nail the working-out, look Hemsworth is dressed head to toe in black with a long sleeves Nike top and a pair of black shorts. This image is complete with that sexy stare that Chris does perfectly.


Chris Hemsworth Tag Heuer Campaign New Fitness Watch


Here, we can see Chris Hemsworth working-out with ropes outdoors. With his knees slightly bent Chris holds the squat position very well whilst he alternates lifting the left and right rope. His intense facial expressions make him look all the more sexy.


Chris is still wearing the same all black outfit and we think he looks gorgeous in it. Look at those thigh muscles bursting out of his shorts. This time Chris models the fitness watch in black which we think looks incredibly smart and sleek, it’s a thumbs up from us.


Chris Hemsworth leant against a doorway rubbing his hands together showing off his Tag watch


Chris Hemsworth leaning against a door in someone’s living room. The actor looks very bronzed whilst rubbing his hands together and looking straight at the camera with those gorgeous eyes. His tanned skin really makes the silver chunky Tag Heuer watch stand out.


The sexy Chris Hemsworth is dressed casually in the most gorgeous way - whoever styled this look knew exactly what they were doing because Chris looks HOT.


Chris Hemsworth modelling for the latest Tag Heuer campaign


Oh, go on then, here’s one more for good luck! Same but different – styling the first watch we saw Chris looks like he’s chilling after lifting all of those heavy dumbbells. He must have gone for a cool shower shortly after this, what a vision that would be! I certainly wouldn’t mind being the guy waiting for him with a towel. 


That’s all we’ve got for now I’m afraid! We’re huge fans of this campaign at Box Menswear. The face of the campaign, the location settings and the product are all perfect and we’d love to see more! What do you think?

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