Chris Taylor Cracking us up with his Maskini

Love Island 2019 was a very comical one thanks to Chris Taylor and he continues to make us laugh on his Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. He is just a guy who wants to have a laugh and we love his free-spirited vibes. 

Chris Taylor Bulge Mask Jockstrap

Chris Taylor stood in front of his new neighbours’ house styling his mask as a ‘maskini’. He poses on the front lawn of what looks like a very civil estate in Chigwell wearing nothing but a facial mask holding his penis with the two straps (intended to go behind your ears) crossing his nipples and going over his shoulders.

We love this image firstly because its comical effect has seriously worked, lol. But also, because we think Chris looks delicious showing his rippling abs, sexy tattoos and bulge that’s wanting to rip that mask open. It’s a shame we can’t also see what his new neighbour can see because if his backside is anything like what’s going on in the front then I’m sure it’s peachy perfect. Going off this picture, we think Chris would look hot in a jockstrap.

As you can see, it looks like a fairly pleasant day, hence why there is a man going on a nice innocent walk, only to be shocked (or treated) with a nudey man masking up his goods.

Chris posted this picture on Instagram with the caption;

“LOVELY to meet the neighbours today, weirdly didn’t get invited round for tea 🤷🏼‍♂️

Might have summat to do with the maskini...but in fairness how else am I meant to celebrate the release of Borat 2?

It’s out now on @primevideouk so get yo stream on delightful kumquats 😘

#wearamaskini #borat AD

PS. Promise I’ll be clothed in my next post”

That’s okay Chris, you don’t have to be clothed on your next post as far as we’re concerned!

Chris Taylor Naked With Beach Ball


Another example of Chris’ humorous carefree way of life is a video he posted on Instagram with the caption;


“Girls: “I think my bf is cheating”....
What he’s actually doing...🙋🏼‍♂️


K, probs just me tbf. Errr...have a delightful Thursday 😘”


Ermm, yes it probably is just you Chris, but you crack on with your weird and wonderful ways! Everyone loves a bit of wackiness every now and then and posting a video upside down with a beach ball covering your penis is up there!


Why we love Chris Taylor's Tik Toks...

There are plenty of Tik Tokkers out there these days, it's a platform that spreads joy and laughter all round! And Chris Taylor is a sensation. His hilarious, goofy personality really translates through his Tik Toks and we LOE it. We've turned some of our latest favourite ones into GIFS below, enjoy... 

Above, Chris Taylor and his fellow Love Islanders stand in a line thrusting their hips as they then all whip their kecks off so that we're left with their bulges, boxers and more. Here Chris is joined by Danny Williams, Michael Griffiths and Jordan Hames.

Chris Taylor and Danny Williams strutting their stuff busting out their most bad ass bitch dance moves on the high street. You can tell this is during lockdown, Vodafone is closed!

Chris Taylor attempting to be sexy in the shower dancing to 'Dontcha' by the Pussycat Dolls. In typical Chris fashion, he goes flying in his little blue pattered swim shorts. Bravo Chris! 

Hope you've enjoyed these videos as much as we have. All directed by the fab Chris Taylor.



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