Colton Underwood strips naked for hot new shoot

colton underwood topless leather jacket

Great glitter balls of fire! We would defo disco down Colton 


Colton Underwood came out back in April and we were one of the first to break the happy news. He’s the star of season 23 of The Batchelor but even then was holding onto a secret that was tearing him apart.


Since coming out (after allegedly being blackmailed into doing it), he’s been somewhat quiet even though fans and industry pundits alike thought that he was filming a reality show about his coming out experience which seems to have either hit the skidders or is in some sort of production hell.


Either way, he’s certainly whet our appetites with these new steamy artsy shots taken by world renowned photographer Damon Baker. Baker posted the shots onto his Instagram page and we couldn’t approve more.


colton underwood naked leather jacket 

 Thank goodness for that leather jacket or else we might get more than we bargained for...


Clearly Colton has been spending much of his time off in the gym as his muscles are bulging and thick with sweating dripping down his defined naked torso. We are getting serious Cindy Crawford vibes in the selection of steamy shots which is no surprise seeing as Baker photographed the supermodel back in the day. He has an impressive array of other stars in his portfolio including Ewan McGregor, Post Malone and DaBaby so Colton in in some good company posing for the legendary snapper.


As for what Underwood’s up to now, we’re not exactly sure. It’s been a tough time for so many industries, entertainment being one of them. Reality shows have fallen by the wayside by the dozen and with no personal appearances being allowed, there’s not a lot of scope for them to make money.


colton underwood with jacket and cigar

My that's a large cigar you have in your mouth there Mr Underwood


Colton and some other alums from The Batchelor received PPP loads and financial support from the show and form the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  In a now deleted post however, he then strangely distanced himself from the show for some reason, saying “Please stop lumping me in with the bachelor, I don’t f–k with them anymore, they don’t f–k with me. Point blank.” Not really surprising that he deleted it as The Batchelor is what made him famous so it would be foolish to bit the hand that feeds you!


Colton if you fancy modelling some Box Underwear we have some hot new ranges begging to embrace your bulge so DO get in touch.

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