CrossFit & Rugby Hunk Dan Tai - Sexiest Photos

He's got the biggest legs, biggest smile and possibly the biggest bulge. Here's a whole post dedicated to Dan Tai. 

Depending on which Instagram account your follow you'll either know Dan Tai as an adorable hard-bodied CrossFit enthusiast, ex Rugby star and Personal Trainer, or all of the above.

Dan Tai sat on a gym bench shirtless, showing his huge legs and smiling.

Image above shows Dan showing all of his big things (minus the Bulge, that will come later). From the bottom up huge calves and legs which are suspiciously hairless. Do you Veet Dan? Smooth washboard abs - all 8 of them and veiny chest, shoulders and arms. Here Dan Tai shows off his rough stubble / short heard, big smile and gym sweaty hair. 

Dan Tai mirror selfie

Talk about vascularity! Was it arm day? Dan Tai showing a mirror selfie with his pronounced veins working their way over and between his biceps, triceps and onto thick forearms. We've heard of Shoulder Day but this looks should Boulder Day. Wearing a beige vest top, red rucksack that joins in the middle presumably to fit across his lats. Dan's look is complete by his pop socket sitting over an iPhone case. #GuysWithiPhones


Feast your eyes on the Herculean frame of Dan, chilling in the ever so comfortable Bed Shorts. With his gigantic legs spread wide open, Dan teases with a bit of bulge, and penetrates your mind with fantasies of what lies underneath. With his rock hard abs and perfectly defined pecs, it's easy to see why this sexy beefcake is a beloved favourite of Box Menswear's fans. Take one look at those bulging biceps and that cute smile and let your imagination run wild.


 Back to the multiple social media accounts. Dan Tai's main Instagram account is @DanTai it's fair to say this page is SFW - family friendly. There's a fair few photos of him actually wearing clothes like the below. 


The above Instagram post showing the Crossfit Athlete in a candid moment, wearing fresh white sports socks with a baby blue shorts & t-shirt combo. Sitting on top of a 20kg Bison weight bumper plate with his legs either side of the Olympic weight bar, right calf muscle tensing to keep balanced on his tip toes. Looking at Dan perfect hair it looks like this photo was taken before training. 

Maybe they're not all super family friendly rated, ready to see Dan wearing some briefs? How about legs open wearing red Box Menswear briefs? Ok then, but this picture might make you a little thirsty? You'll see...



Ready for a drink? Ask Dan to pass you an ice cold Coke! The above picture shot by Australian photographer Jake O'Donnell was taken during Box Menswear's road trip across the State of Texas, USA in 2019. Dan Tai was part of a group of 30 underwear models who made their way in pickup trucks & RV's from North to South. Sitting up against a Coca-Cola fridge in the back yard of a Texan Ranch, Dan Tai has his legs open with the right leg bent at the knee, his right foot racing inwards. Remember that bulge? Well it's on show here with the 24 year old wearing some red boxer briefs and a white waistband. As he leans back, Jake captures Dan Tai's 8-pack abs which look oiled up each casting their own shadow. 



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Let’s talk about UNITY. In a time where we are forced to be isolated... This situation should actually bring people closer together than ever. Companies shutting down, people losing jobs, people catching the virus... So many outcomes we couldn’t have even imagined 6 months ago. BUT when the going gets tough... The tough get going. Humans are a resilient, tenacious bunch- even when our lives get turned upside down. And it’s times like these that make us realise how we can not only stay strong outselves, BUT bring others up as well. And here comes the power of the internet. Send a message to your friends, Skype call them! Check how they’re doing. Offer support. Isolation is only physical, not mental. With all this free time we should be coming together as a community, worldwide to bring everyone up. I don’t know about you guys but this whole situation has made me realise how much I care about EVERYONE! Family, friends, followers. I want the best for each and every one of you. So yeah, spread the positive vibes. Let’s throw this “isolation” on its head. Let’s support and unify more than ever! Not physically though. Cos that would be stupid. But YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

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One of the boys? One for the boys? Spotted sitting in the back of a pickup in Thailand during Box Menswear's influencer / underwear model trip in Koh Samui, Thailand in March 2019. Also pictured top left to bottom right: Ben Matthews, Fabien Arnold, Rhys Sachett, Max Wyatt and Charlie Taylor. All the boys are wearing either Mens Beach Swim Shorts or Mens Swimming Trunks


Strolling around a waterfall in the tropical paradise of Koh Samui, Dan tries his best to not slip and fall. He also tries and barely succeeds in containing his best assets from bursting out his trunks. The barefooted hunk displays his peachy bum in the tight white Box Swim Trunks. Certainly no stranger to squats, the soaked swimwear clenches to his bronzed body and gives a visible look at his derriere. One look at those thighs and muscular frame is enough to conjure up fantasies of dressing down and skinny dipping with Dan on a cool Summer evening.


Dan Tai's private Instagram and Twitter.

As mentioned, in addition to the outwardly all smiles social media accounts, Dan Tai has a private Instagram and Twitter page in which he shows a lot more nudity. Want to see? Ok! 

Dan Tai flexing showing a bulge

Is that a pen in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Whilst flexing triceps on top of triceps in his back garden the Personal Trainer from Leeds shows a subtle but perfectly sized bulge in his training shorts. With tanned skin and a white smile, Dan Tai knows how to complete this photo. What's that white stain on your camo gym shorts? 

Dan Tai bathroom mirror selfie shirtless showing V in sweat pants

Shirtless and sexy. The Instagram picture above is showing DT wearing some jogging bottoms with the cords undone and slipping downwards showing his V muscles the half Chinese half Jamaican model shows some trimmed chest and belly hair. Dan's grey sweat pants do show a perfect dick print. 


He captioned this: "Why hello there." and "Would you train with me?" 
Half naked wearing gym leggings on the rowing machine with curly sweat soaked hair staring into the distance. 


If you ever need motivation to get in shape or power through your workout, a quick look at Dan might do the trick. The cross-fit loving model proudly displays his ripped physique from years of pumping iron, showcasing all of his best assets. Ditching his T-Shirt, the hunk reveals his enormous biceps, thick juicy forearms, and abs of steel. Wearing the iconic Sports Shorts 2:0 and Grey Sports Socks, Dan gives a look at his huge thighs and bulging calves.


Dan Tai in Jockstrap

Photos of Dan Tai in a jockstrap do exist, but there's a catch, well, there's a crop to be exact. 

 Dan Tai Jockstrap Nude

Shame about the tight crop, so we'll describe it for you. Dan Tai wearing a Ribbed Jockstrap. With a white BOX waistband and super soft ribbed pouch showing a big penis print in burgundy colouring, Dan shows his super low percentage body fat as he takes a mirror selfie. 

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