Dan Tai Birthday Boi

Dan Tai the Birthday Boi

Today marks a very momentous occasion, it was approx 25 years ago today that the legend Dan Tai was born. To celebrate we are going through his greatest bits- I mean hits... no I don't 😜. 

Early Career

Life wasn't this was for the Leeds born jet setting, muscle bound, charmer with a smile of pearls. Dan Tai's first started at the age of 3, showing his interest in sports by playing in the rugby union and the 100 metre sprints. If that's not a prodigy I don't know what is. Dan's career officially started in 2014 playing Rugby in the Irish and British cup, as well as playing for Leeds Rhino team.

Life seemed to be at a high for Dan during this time, however he got an injury and his career was over. However, instead of it ending there, his career used this as a springboard into personal training and eventually modelling and becoming the Box favourite superstar he is now.  

Now... for his biggest hits, lets gooooo! 


Above:  Here we have Dan seen here on insta reflecting (get it? mirror selfie? reflecting) on the year and how to move on, inspirational as always and looking tastier then ever in that nude vest.  



Above:  Another favourite of Dans, laying with that gorgeous bulge in those red box briefs. Got me thirsty but not for a coke thats for sure.

Above: finally, we have a fan favourites, As many of you have let us know in the comments, and we agree! the way he looks over at us with those juicy cheeks in those blue trunks and ripped body...whew

These are our top three favourites from our favourite model to work with.

Below you can peruse some other contenders, from us, to you.




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