Sexiest Doctor Alive

Today we are bringing you one of our favourite people on social media...Mike Varshavski, also known as Doctor Mike. 

sexiest doctor alive

You probably guessed it, Doctor Mike is...a doctor. But not just any doctor, he has been named the 'Sexiest Doctor Alive' and we are certainly not arguing against it.🤤

Mike was born in Russia but was raised in New Jersey, and always knew being a doctor was something he wanted to do. Now he appears on various TV shows talking about medicine as well as running a youtube channel where he shares hit tips and tricks, but he still manages it all around his busy work schedule at the hospital. Apart from being medically equipped, this guy is also equipped with a body that is making us drool on the floor and we bet he has a bum that we would die to see in some BOX underwearIn his spare time, Mike also loves to work out and eat healthy, and shares it all over his instagram, giving us all the motivation we need to get to the gym and work on ourselves!

We have rounded up our favourite Doctor Mike pictures to treat you this Thursday:




 We may be jealous of that dog..




 Classic scrubs picture. 😯



Cough Cough...we think we might have just came down with something.

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