Documentary Charting the First gay Rugby club


Poster for the Steelers gay rugby documentary

Picture: Amazon Video


We’re big fans of rugby here at Box Menswear. Something about those thick thighs, full contact tackling and communal baths just seems to work with the Box Menswear ethos.


Scrum down 


Rugby has shown far more inclusion for the LGBTQ community than most other team sports. We all know Gareth Thomas’ story who has spoken openly about being gay on a professional team and the subsequent support he received form his friends, team mates and families.  


Rugby has made inroads into inclusion in a way that football hasn’t yet achieved, not matter how many rainbow laces they wear. There is a crisis in football with racism as well as homophobia but things have come a long way with rugby including a slew of LGBT inclusive teams.


stars of steelers kissing

Picture: Amazon Video 


Step up Eammon Ashton-Atkinson, director of Kings Cross rugby club Steelers who lend their name to a documentary which is due to hit Amazon Prime on April 16th


Captain's orders 


Eamonn says ‘This story isn’t just for rugby fans, or even gay people. It’s a story for anyone who has felt like they don’t belong or isn’t living the life they want to be living’. 


He goes on: ‘I hope this film inspires people to try something they may have been afraid of giving a go before. The fact that Prime Video will beam this documentary into homes across the UK is incredible. If this helps one person who may be suffering with their mental health, or helps someone from the LGBTQ+ community feel like they belong, then making this film will have all been worth it.’


 steelers team some topless cheering in the film

Picture: Amazon Video 


The trailer for the documentary certainly had us hooked and the two hot rugby dudes snogging in the promo didn’t exactly hurt either. The film tells the story of the Kings Cross Steelers as they compete against 60 other gay clubs from round the world in the Bingham Cup in Amsterdam.


Three's company


The stars of the documentary are the three main characters in the team, each of them showing true strength, skill an inclusivity. Local gay teams are not a new thing, especially in big cities so if you’re interested in joining one, get online or check out your local rugby club for more details.


The film shows how ‘this inclusive rugby community has helped people overcome their struggles in ways they never would have imagine’ proving that it’s not just about the game but the camaraderie, support and teamwork as well.

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