Doorman of G-A-Y Nightclub Makes the Most of 10 second Fame

With lockdown rules changing day in and day out it’s hard to keep up with what we’re allowed to do these days?! However, the 10pm rule is certainly at the front of many people’s minds especially those working in the hospitality industry.

Jeremy Joseph was being interviewed about the matter outside his nightclub in west London when one of his employees working on the door of the club decides to strike numerous poses from badass booty popping to sassy hair flicking. Needless to say, he certainly put on a show that took all attention off the interview and upstaged the owner of the nightclub. In short, the interview about a very serious legal issue was deflected by some cheeky shapes being thrown in the background.

 The doorman clearly doesn’t take the matter too seriously, or maybe he just wanted to lighten up the mood? Although we think it was fabulous and a bit of fun in this crazy whirlwind of chaos, we can’t imagine his boss is too impressed with the stunt he pulled. Anything that Jeremy said during that interview will be secondary to the performance going on in the background.

Dancing Doorman of London G-A-Y Nightclub

What was the interview about?

 Jeremy expressed his issue with the 10pm rule by firstly and most importantly asking, where is the evidence to back up the new rule? This rule is detrimental to the hospitality industry. So many clubs, pubs and bars have already announced that they’re closing down for good. For the ones that made it through lockdown, it can only feel like a huge stumbling block after what they’ve already had to do to keep their business going. Jeremy owns 4 nightclubs which are all losing money.

Are you a fan of the Dancing Doorman?

The interview set up with Jeremy Joseph and Sonja Jessup quickly turned from a conversation about political views regarding the latest 10pm rule to a mysterious man busting moves.

It’s been about 8 months since the start of the pandemic that has struck fear into a lot of us and has been difficult for people to adjust to the social distancing measures that have been put in place. Do we have a problem with a young man shimmying and shaking for the world to see? No – as a one-off we can see this as a bit of lighthearted fun.

However, like everything else related to the pandemic everyone’s views and opinions are so different, what do you think? Is it a step too far? Is it a mockery about a very serious subject and downright disrespecting all businesses who are struggling? Take a look here

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