Egypt’s Homophobic President has Sexy Police Cadets Stripping Down for Him Yet Again?!

Yes, that’s right. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Egyptian president is very open about being homophobic and lays down ridiculous laws regarding people’s sexuality but in the same breath hosts a parade that looks extremely gay.

Sexy Egypt Police Parade
Just about a hundred sexy, ripped to shreds police cadets parading around (literally) topless for the homophobic Egyptian president.

A bit of Background on the Homophobic President

The horror stories about Egypt are endless. The medieval way of living where LGBT is concerned sounds horrendous. Abdel’s country lives by a strict policy where if you come across as gay, you’re in hot water with the authorities. Security forces and public prosecutors actively hunt down those who are perceived as being anything that the president deems inappropriate sexuality wise.

After being accused of what sexuality they are, the victim then has to undergo anal examinations and if evidence suggests that there has been ‘inappropriate’ sexual activity there is a possibility that the victim will be sentenced to 3 years in jail. The scary part is that 60 members of parliament agreed to this and the number of people being targeted is only increasing…

Naughty Police Cadets Showing Egyptian President the Goods

Having this in mind you can understand why we’re confused at Abdel’s idea to hold a parade featuring super sexy police cadets stripping off showing their beautifully carved bodies to the world. This was planned by the man who began arresting people who gave off a vibe of being gay. Yet, he’s perfectly happy to watch a group of half-naked men flaunt everything they got, flexing their muscles on parade floats?! Surely, we’re not the only ones think wtf.

Half Naked Egypt in Gay Parade

The gorgeous buff policemen standing loud and proud showing the people of Egypt their beautifully carved biceps and perfect pectorals.

It’s petrifying to think that someone as terrifyingly homophobic as Abdel cannot see how he’s basically throwing a party that we imagine most gay men would love to watch, a right treat for the eyes! It’s almost a fantasy come true… oiled up men half naked, half wear cadet pants.

Supposedly the purpose of the parade is to show the cadets “demonstrate their physical abilities, showing their superiors a series of stunts such as climbing the façade of a building, doing push-ups or breaking concrete”. This is all well and good, we get that Abdul might want to assert the power of the Egyptian authorities by carrying out challenging physical tasks. However, parading the action-man like men around was hardly necessary, there must be a reason behind the president hosting such a fabulous event!

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