England's Ukraine Scorers - Who are they?

harry kane cheers in england kit

Harry Kane leads England to victory agains Ukraine


Whether you're into the beautiful game or not, no one in England is immune to the effects of a national team that is advancing with gusto through the Euro 2020 competition. Yes it's still called 2020 just like the Olympics will be - they can't change ALL the merch FFS!


England hasn’t been in this position for YEARS and has a horrendous track record for a nation that houses the most expensive and successful league in the world. ‘It’s coming home’ sing the fans in reference to the song ‘Three Lions’ by comedians David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds from 1996 which, along with New Order’s ‘World In Motion’ form 1986, forms the backbone of football collaborating with the music industry.


England smashed it out the park last weekend with a whopping FOUR goals so we thought we’d take a quick look at who scored them:


harry kane blue top training

Showing off his impressive pecs in St Georges Park  

Harry Kane

The England captain shouldn’t really need much of an introduction, even if you’re not that much of a footie fan. The 27-year-old was born and raised in Waltham Forest in East London and had played as a youth for Arsenal and Watford before moving to Tottenham Hotspur where he remained til 2009. He came into the national news after his Leicester City club won the Premier League in 2016 which was described as the biggest shock in the sport’s history. Multiple bookmakers paid out record amounts due to the unlikely win but it made a star of Harry Kane and he was drafted into the England squad which he now captains. He scored TWO of the goals in the Ukraine match.


harry maguire cheers engalnd kit

 Harry Maguire says what we're all thinking as England sailed through to the semis

Harry Maguire

29-year-old Harry was another of the big scorers at England’s semi-final qualifying match against Ukraine. He is training at St George’s Park with the rest of the England squad in preparation for the match on Weds at Wembley which will be the first time England have been that far in a European tournament in 26 years! Harry is another Leicester City player like Kane but he’s now at Manchester United.  


jordan henderson in blue tracksuit top

Hello Jordan - Henderson trains to make history


Jordan Henderson

 Sunderland born Jordan is 31 and currently plays midfield for Liverpool. He garnered the admiration of the nation by scoring at the Ukraine match and seeing England through to the semis.  During the pandemic, as captain of Liverpool, he got together a group of other premier league captains to great a fund using their huge salaries to help out frontline NHS workers.


jordan henderson training in red bib 

 One last gratuitous pic of Jordan who is someone easy on the eye


This Wednesday, England will play in the semi-finals against Denmark at Wembley in which they will make history if victorious. ’Hope’ is one of the greatest feelings in sport and England will be holding its breath and just hoping that this time maybe THE time.

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