English Boy Adam Tries A Singlet - WOW! Pics Inside.

'Bedroom Model' Adam couldn't help himself trying on new Box Menswear Westling singlets at home. 

College wrestling singlet bulge

Left-handed and left dick it seems as Adam takes a selfie on his i-phone he clearly got a bit excited as his dick swells up inside his new Box Menswear wrestling singlet. 


Gay Wrestling Singlet

Adam has been a long time friend of Box Menswear, often volunteering himself as a product tester for new and developing products,  so when we asked if he'd like to try Box's brand new Wrestling Singlets he (and his D it seems) jumped at the chance. 

The former bank worker turned full time Only Fans model slipped into 2 styles of singlet and very kindly took some photos for us to share. 

white wrestling singlet

With one arm behind his head, the other firmly gripping his iPhone 13, Adam took a selfie in the Winning White Wrestling Singlet

Adam told us on Whatsapp: 

"As soon as I started to slide it up my legs, I could feel my dick getting semi.

"Its so slinky and soft, I've never seen my bulge look so good. Only 'problem' is I can never post these on Instagram, I'll be deleted in a second.

"The white is my fave I think, but the grey is fit too. Excited to try the blue and red ones." 

 American wrestling singlet

Above wearing Grapple Grey. The singlets come in different sizes and the 4-way stretch fabric mean they're super comfortable. 

Whilst design inspiration is taken from the traditional College & Olympic Wrestling singlets, no doubt these go well in the bedroom. 


Full Time OnlyFans Model

You can see Adam's full porn profile right HERE. A warning, it's incredibly sexy, and features Ad fully nude and erect. 

We had a little chat with Adam about his Only Fans naked modelling, and he isn't shy to share the details. 

Briefly explaining why he gets naked online, the Southern Boy explains:

"Well, first thing is first, I'm very comfortable naked, I'd go so far as to say I love being naked, but I thought I'm not ripped or slim like a lot of the 'popular' boys on Only Fans. 

"So I thought, I'm just going to try it and see how things go, and they went well! 

large penis underwear

"One thing I know is I've got a really big dick / penis / cock... you pick the word. I think It looks good soft, good semi and best hard, and it seems a lot of my followers agree. I get a lot of messages about my penis and it makes me feel really good." 

I'm not embarrassed to cum on camera

We asked Adam to describe some of the content from his private page for us. 

"If it's sexual, then I'll do it. I love to experiment with my sexuality and my body. 

"I'm a straight lad, but I love to play with other guys and I've enjoyed learning about ass play a lot recently. I'm not embarrassed to cum on camera." 

"Something I've really come to enjoy is role-play, especially wearing football / soccer kits. I've been collecting shirts from different clubs around the world and trying them on." 

 football soccer bulge shorts

Once again, if you do want to see Adam and all his videos, they're RIGHT HERE.  

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