Eye Spy a Bulge @bulgespy

What’s missing from your Twitter feed? We recently stumbled across a brilliant account called @bulgespy. Find pictures of the biggest and the best footballers bulges by giving @bulgespy a follow – you’ll thank us later.


The beauty of a good bulge

Ever get it when you’re talking to a guy but you’re just a little distracted by a certain something poking out at you from down south? That my friend, is the sign of a good bulge. A tight pair of trousers will do the trick for most but sometimes that’s not even needed depending on the size of the package and what kind of mood it’s in…


Showing through those shorts

Football shorts are always a good opportunity to spot a bulge and that’s why @bulgespy have done the honours for us! The best part of a football match has got to be watching hot sweaty men run around the pitch, and if we’re lucky enough (and if they’re packing enough) we get to see some shlongs bouncing around.


Bulges bursting out of briefs

Let’s strip it down even more. You can’t beat a guy in a pair of briefs with his bulge fully on show. It seems that, although we’d rather see the guys on the pitch running around shortless it is a treat to see the lining of their briefs under their sport shorts.

Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous shots documented on @bulgespy…

Kevin Long Bulge

An image of Kevin Long walking off the pitch. The Burnley players’ mid-stride stance means that we’re fortunate enough to see exactly what we want to see under his shorts, a cheeky bulge bouncing around.


Xhaka Bulge

Oooh. A little behind shot of the gorgeous Xhaka. Clearly the Arsenal footballer likes quality underpants, showing his Calvin Kline waistband. Check out those peachy, perky cheeks – so rounded and plump. Someone’s been squatting!


Football player briefs

Just in case that wasn’t enough arse, here’s another behind shot. Uh oh, he looks like he’s in pain, but we definitely feel nothing but pleasure when looking at this image. Hibs is bent over in a curled-up position with his head buried into the grass.


Bellerin Bulge

Here we can see Bellerin touching shoulders with the opposition. Is someone taking a corner maybe? Whatever’s going on, these two are desperate to get their hands (or should I say feet) on that ball! All’s we can concentrate on is what Bellerin is showing under those white shorts. As you can see, his dick and balls are sitting quite comfortably as we can make out the outline of his package.


West Brom Bulge

This was one of many side shots of Gibbs and his penis poking out. The West Brom player looks like he’s arguing or trying to get a point across about something and his piece clearly wants to get involved!


Lew Bulge Norwich

Lew about to step onto the pitch amongst other Norwich players. Here we get a very clear glimpse of what’s accompanying his boxers. That piece cannot be missed and we love it. Not to mention his bulging quads.


Tierney Bulge

A rain-soaked football kit is a blessing. Tierney’s perfectly carved pecs are looking beautiful under his soaking wet football shirt. Moving on to downstairs, his briefs are on show and bulge is popping out to say hello. We’re enjoying the view as he steps forward, with those legs of steel.


Curtis Jones Bulge

The young Liverpool star Curtis Jones waits with anticipation to get on that pitch. He’s clearly packing down below with that bulge!


Silva Bulge

Mixing it up a bit with this next angle. Silva is clearly dealing with an injury, giving us a chance to check out his arse and balls through his white shorts. His knees are curled up towards his shoulders whilst he’s laying down holding his right leg.


Taylor bulge action shot

Get on this for a bulge action shot! Taylor is giving it everything he’s got to get that ball across the pitch whilst showing his piece in the process. He’s not even aware about his shlong on show!

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