Fight Erupts at Circuit Party - Ft. The Greatest Showman


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XLSIOR is a gay festival that takes place during summer in Mykonos, Greece, that presents events all week full of gigantic parties fuelled by alcohol and lots of dancing. However, trouble erupted in paradise when a huge fight broke out between partygoers during a circuit party with quite an interesting song 'Never Enough' blasting in the background from The Greatest Showman.

The video of the fight was posted on Facebook and quickly went viral with almost 100,000 views and counting. Two people are seen to engage in punches whilst surrounded by a group of shirtless men left in awe, with some even joining in the fight and others attempting to separate it.

The violence mixed with the uplifting and inspiring lyrics playing in the background created a fascinating combination for viewers, with many of them finding the video incredibly amusing. However, some found the sight to be disappointing with one viewer commenting "Rare thing to happen in the gay community, stick together, stay together, love together. Keep us strong."

In spite of the unfortunate mishap, no one is believed to have got seriously hurt and those responsible were seen being led out of the party by security, leaving the rest to enjoy themselves and make the most of their time left at the festival. 

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