Flavour of the week: Charlie Edwards

About the boy

A bad boy with tattoos? You're absolutely lying if that sentence alone doesn't get you hot and bothered. There may be plenty of them around in this day and age but we can assure you... there aren't many better looking than this guy. At just 19 years old the Cleethorpes native is covered from ankle to head in ink - complimented with a nose piercing and eyebrow slits (may be one of the only ones to look good with this) Edwards just screams bad boy next door.


Other than being an instagram hunk, Charlie Edwards has the really cool and desirable profession of actually being a tattoo artist! I'd let him ink me up any day of the week.  

Why you should follow him

You should totally follow Charlie due to the fact that he isn't shy of a topless photo at all and why should he be with a chiselled body adorned in amazing artwork like his. He also posts content regularly which varies from smouldering pics of his carved jawline to his ink work and you can get some outfit inspo as Edwards is a remarkably well dressed man. 


 Instagram: @charlieedwardz

What's in the future

 Considering the lad is only 19 years old and has already amassed 24.6k Instagram followers the future certainly looks bright for Edwards. We look forward to seeing both more of his professional work and especially more of the man himself!


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