Footballer Brandon Williams Denies Rumours of Girl 15

Babyface professional footballer Brandon Williams has been forced to deny rumours spread by a 'fake app' that he text an underage girl of 15 years old. 

Brandon Williams Football Kit White Shorts

Image above taken on October 23rd of 2020 shows young football star Brandon Williams playing Manchester United's under 23 squad in action during the Premier League 2 match between Manchester United U23s and Everton U23s at Leigh Sports Village, England. Wearing his Man U football kit, with knee high black football socks, white loose fitting football shorts and a red long sleeved cold weather top. Did you spot the bulge? 

Not True

Speaking via his Twitter account the 20 year old Manchester United and England sportsman was compelled to speak out after wide spread Social media rumours emerged this morning (Wednesday 28th October 2020) which allege the young star 'contacted a 15-year-old girl.'

Video on TikTok

Image above taken from @_brandwilliams instagram shows the 20 year old professional soccer player sticking out his tongue. Hands on his hips wearing a long sleeve red football jersey with perfectly styled hair Brandon looked perfectly untroubled back in May. 

The defender was himself defend by his club and 'vehemently denies any wrongdoing whatsoever.' with claims a 'fake app' of some sort is real reason for the 'entirely untrue' video which has gone viral across the internet.

In a statement which was given local news outlet the Manchester Evening News, Williams' representative said: 'Brandon Williams is aware of rumours circulating on Twitter. Brandon vehemently denies any wrongdoing whatsoever. 

Continuing the strong worded the denial the statement said: 

'The allegations posted on Twitter are false and defamatory. We have urgently raised these matters with Twitter.

'Brandon has instructed his legal team to take the action that they think necessary. We will not hesitate to bring proceedings against those who choose to repeat the false and defamatory allegations.' 

Fake App

Instagram image above: Brandon Williams celebrates a sponsor with global sports giant Puma. Captioned Local and wearing a multi-colour running tracksuit then teen sits on a park bench behind some local housing. With white socks pulled up on show under his tracksuit bottoms and a colourful tracksuit jacket and matching trainers the sportsman pulls a serious glare into the sunlight from under his fringe. 

Whilst it's not clear the 'video' is question is believed to show a screenshot or series of screenshot records of the TikTok App featuring a direct message sent by Williams to what is purported to be a teenage girl - but it is understood to have been made using a fake app. The app other than being stated is 'fake' is unknown. 

Earlier today trolls without delayed targeted Williams' Wikipedia page, briefly updating it to call him a 'nonce' which is a slang and extremely defamatory word for a peadephible. 

MailOnline have reached out to Williams's representative for further comment. 

 Image credits: Getty Images & Brandon Williams Instagram. 

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