Gay Lap Dancing Club – Who We Want To See


Four topless male dancers slide on stage towards cam

 One more guy and you've got a burger chain


News landed in our laps this month that the UK’s first gay male strip club is coming to London’s Soho. The lap dancing club has been dubbed an ‘attitude-free safe space’ and more news on exactly where and when this exciting development is to come to fruition will follow when the lockdown is further eased.


On Instagram as STRIPLondon it could be just what the capital needs when the two metre rule is reduced to a two minute rule. Though the ins and outs might be somewhat hazy at the moment, it got us thinking.


Whereas last year’s hit movie Hustlers brought together the likes of J-Lo, Lizzo and Cardi B as pole dancers and lap-based artists, in a perfect world, who would we like to see adorning the erotic alter?


Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum topless arms raised dancing on stage

Channing struts his stuff in the Magic Mike XXL


Channing Tatum – an obvious first choice what with his stripping background and consequent spearheading of the Magic Mike brand from movie to tour. Channing is currently dating Brit belter Jessie J so he’s bound to be in and out of London so why not try his hand, and butt, at lap dancing? Go on Jessie, can he come and play just the once?

Jason Momoa 

Jason Momoa in profile walking on beach

Jason on the beach in his natural habitat


Jason Momoa – Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones and Aquaman himself. He’s no stranger to an iddy biddy outfit and baring copious amounts of flesh. Jason is for the punter who wants his dancer rough and ready, the no touching rule would of course apply when it comes to Mr Momoa, but hey is he allowed to slap the client about a bit?


Zac Efron

Zac Efron topless in blue shorts with palm trees

Is that some stars and stripes underwear we can see? So patriotic


Zac Efron – We know Zac has the moves since starring in the likes of the High School Musical trilogy, The Greatest Showman and Hairspray and you only need to dip into Baywatch to see his has the body to match. At 32 he's only just hitting his stride despite being on the showbiz scene for twenty years!


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper topless smiling holding dumbbell

Bradley sure does love a workout!


For a bit of older action, look no further than Mr Cooper. At 45 he's no spring chicken but a prime example of someone improving with age. We didn't even mind him being a boozy mess in A Star Is Born, now that's love. He's had a rock hard bod for years and we'd defo be front and centre with those dollar bills. 

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