GBBO's John Whaite got HOT

john whaite shows off tan line

Nowadays John is au fait with a thirsty spray tan snap (pic: Instagram) 


Well he can bake our buns any day! Openly gay winner of Great British Bake Off John Whaite back in 2013 has clearly spent lockdown not just in the kitchen but in the gym as well. The 32-year-old is about to compete as one of the celebrities on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing and as one half of the show’s very first all-male dancing couple.


From the kitchen to the dance floor


As soon as he was cast, WE cast out minds back to the cute but somewhat scrawny Bake Off winner who impressed us all with his sexy bisquits but now it’s his manly muffins we’re more into. Talking about his fitness regime, Whaite said “So I’ve now started to incorporate more stretching and cardio into my routine, and I have been watching what I eat as I want to get more lean. I am also shaving my chest, a lot more than I ever did!”


John Whaite in gym selfie

 We're loving the new thick thighs (and arms... and shoulders...) Pic. Instagram


Since winning Great British Bake Off,  John’s done the usual rounds of cookery books etc and now is the resident chef on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel4 and he’s proving that there’s more to him than his hotcakes (which undoubtedly fly off the proverbial shelves). Talking about his forthcoming time on the show:


John Whaite Strictly press pic

 Giving it that Strictly shimmer in the promo shots (Pic. BBC) 

“My biggest challenge will be to not be too hard on myself, I know that I will get really frustrated with myself if I’m not picking up the steps. I think the key thing is just to relax, take a breath, and come back to it. For me it’s going to be a case of just relaxing into it, being myself, believing that I can do it and just enjoying the process.”


"I was wearing glitter in the womb"


Like any gay boy worth his salt however, he’s no stranger to the dancefloor, although he might not necessarily have had any professional training. Talking about a bit of a boogying experience, John said: “So I may have a few dancing bones in my body, but I’m not necessarily very good rhythmically. Ballet is very stiff and I can do a triple timestep but who knows what I will be like at Ballroom or Latin.”


 john whaite runs in street

 John's hotter than Gas Mark 7 these days


We all know Strictly isn’t just about dancing, it’s about those lewks as well.  All we know is that Whaite is going to look like a snack in the skin tight costumes. John jokes: “I am so excited to be ‘Strictly-fied’, I was wearing glitter in the womb. I am excited for the sheer tops, tight trousers, the spray tans, hair and makeup!”


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