Halloween Pinata Smash!

On Friday we ended our first Halloween week with a piñata smash. On Thursday evening we gave all our VIP subscribers a chance to be entered into the piñata smash draw. Each subscriber had to select which piñata they wanted to be put into, Jigsaw's or Jack's, then whatever piñata was smashed first, a name would be selected from that who would win £20 BOX Menswear voucher. 

The game went live on our Instagram around 11am and it certainly was eventful! Both Jigsaw and Jack had there own piñata, same sized baton and blindfold. Both was spun the same amount of times and then they was off, ready to smash the spider to get the winner of the £20 voucher.

Jigsaw wore his famous white T-shirt and Black Box Boxers and Jack wore his cape and Red Box Boxers as usual. Dont be alarmed guys, these are fresh pairs of Box boxer shorts everyday!

After many, many attempts, Jack finally won and battered his spider first. Terry Hough won the £20 voucher, Well Done Terry!

As Jigsaw lost, he had to do Friday's forfeit (again) sorry Jigsaw! Today we let you decide what he would be doing. We gave you two choices, do the cinnamon challenge or dance to the YMCA challenge.

It was a close call but  you guys wanted to see him dance to the YMCA live on Instagram. Sorrrrrry😂😂😂

We hope you have enjoyed our first part of BOX does Halloween, we will be back on Monday 29th October with even more fun games, competitions and vouchers for you all to enjoy... You never know, Jigsaw might even show his identity! 

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