Hangry? This may be your reason why….

Lately we have been hooked on reading up about Intermittent fasting. Having stumbled across a video from Sports Insider, we have been wondering whether this new lifestyle really works and is it worth it?

If you haven’t heard of Intermittent fasting, then basically it is when you take large breaks in between meals. This can range from going anything from 8- 24 hours without eating any food. During the long stretch your body goes through an important change that sets them apart to those who don’t fast. So, if you are wanting to drop a size in your BOX mens boxers from a medium to a small in time for your summer holiday, this may be the technique for you. 

According to the video, when we eat our body stores some of that foods energy in our liver as glycogen, but after not eating for 10-12 hours your glycogen reserves will be extremely low. As a result, you may feel more irritable than normal, a term which we like to call Hangry (Hungry and angry.) Which let’s face it, is never enjoyable to be around anyone who is hangry. Right?

There is an upside to having little glycogen left, fat cells in your body release fats into your bloodstream. These fat cells then head straight to your liver, where they are converted into energy for your body and brain. So, you are literally burning fat to survive. Hmm.

Blood samples show that people who have fasted for 12-24 hours experienced a 60% increase in energy from fat with the biggest change occurring after 18 hours.

This is the benefit from intermittent fasting as it puts your body into a state called ketosis. Which maybe in the long run would be a healthier lifestyle.

 Ketones are the process of burning fat. Ketones release a trigger into the brain of an important molecule called BDNF, which helps build and strengthen neurons and parts of the brain in which are responsible for learning and memory. Which can be related to helping dementia and epilepsy. However, you don’t have to starve yourself to boost the ketone levels. Eating foods that are higher in natural fats such as avocado or nuts and cutting back on the carbs filled foods can have a similar effect. This method has been tested and the group of people found that not only did they lose weight and body fat but also a decrease in blood pressure and a hormone (IGF-1) that can be related to disease.

In many years before we knew so much like we do now, fasting and ketosis was a way to survive from the very beginning. And now it is being recognised as a way to help keep future generations mentally and physically disease-free. But who actually knows?

If you are looking to try this lifestyle then we like to follow Leanagins method. we think this is the most realistic and easy way to fast if you have a 9-5 working job. 

We think we will give this a try and see if we can get into that smaller size of BOX mens underwear. Have you tried this method of eating before? Comment below and let us know.

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