Harry Maguire in Wet White Shorts = Bulge.

Manchester United 'Bad Boy' Harry Maguire shows off his bulge in some soaking wet football shorts.  

Harry Maguire Bulge White Football Shorts

There's a universally known added in the UK that it always rains in Manchester. Of course whilst rain isn't ever present in the Northern Metropolis, when rainy weather hits some white soccer shorts get ready for some great bulge. 

Playing at home against Chelsea at the weekend, Harry Maguire who plays for Manchester United was pictured jogging down the football pitch wearing his home kit. Surrounded by empty seats at Old Trafford football stadium on October 24, 2020 only photographers & TV cameras were present to capture Harry's VPL as his dick swung to the left clearly visible through his heavy and wet clinging sports shorts.  

Harry Maguire's Bulge

This isn't the first time we've seen under the football shorts of the England International. Have a look at the below photo courtesy of Bulge Spy

Harry Maguire Boxer Briefs On Floor

Above is a moment captured by TV cameras where professional football player Harry Maguire rolls on the floor with his blue football shorts riding down his legs. 

Whilst most British footballers choose to wear compression underwear shorts when playing or training it looks like Harry is more European in his preferences wearing boxer briefs

Double Black Shorts Bulge

Harry Maguire Donny van de Beek Bulge Shorts

Image Above was titled double bulge, but should it really be triple? Taken in September, Donny van de Beek of Man UTD poses with Harry Maguire for a two-way but should we count Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tracksuit bottom bulge here? Let's taken a closer look at all 3. 

Black Football Shorts Bulge

And even closer? Zoom in on those bulges. 

Bulge Zoom


Who's Bulge is Biggest? Whilst it's easy to see Harry's legs are the most muscular which is unsurprising given his broader body, however, it's not immediately clear here who's penis is bigger with the boys wearing different underwear and black clothing does have a habit of hiding dick print. 

We'll keep an eye out on both Harry and Donny to see if we can answer the above in the future. 

PS - Does anyone think Donny von de Beek looks a little like Jamie Laing from Made In Chelsea? Perhaps it's just the pale skin and platinum blond hair.  

Photo Credits: Getty Images / Bulge Spy

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