Has Gustavo Rocha Just Come Out as Gay?

So, if you haven’t come across them already, the Rocha twins are two very good-looking young Portuguese guys who’ve turned into an internet sensation through their crazy content, mostly videos. Gustavo now has 7 million Instagram followers and his twin brother Tulio has 4.4 million. These sexy twins have built a serious fan base and now find themselves charging A LOT of money for a single Instagram post. The gorgeous Portuguese twins knew about Tik Tok before Tik Tok did and weren’t waiting around to get creating some content that fellow Tik Tokkers would love. Toned, gorgeous smile and great style – what’s not to like? These two sexy guys are everything we love about social media, keep it coming please!

Gustavo Rocha Coming Out Video

The coming out post

Gustavo’s latest Instagram post was another one of his amazing videos, but this time we think there’s meaning behind it and he’s trying to get a message across to us. This video shows Gustavo physically stepping out of a closet and looking at the camera shrugging his shoulders with a cheeky smile on his face as if to say, yep – I’m gay.

Before opening the doors and taking that step out of the closet, Gustavo is doing various movements that indicate he’s been waiting a long time to do this such as checking his watch, looking fed up & knocking on the doors. As he eventually steps out his facial expressions show a true representation of his feelings after announcing his sexuality. After a deep breath of relief and a look of excitement Gustavo finished the video with a walk away indicating that he’s about to go live his life the way he wants to.

Gustavo Rucho

99.9% certain that this is him coming out

The assumption that this is his coming out video is almost confirmed with the caption that says ‘seja como você é’ meaning ‘be as you are’. The video is also flooded with loving and supportive comments from his family, fans and friends including one from his brother Tulio Rocha saying “I love you infinitely! There couldn't be a more incredible brother. I want to see you happy every day of your life.

Who already thought he was gay?

Now, although the video might make it seem like a dramatic announcement, for a lot of people this won’t have come as a surprise. Gustavo always had painted nails on his videos as well as having typical gay mannerisms and occasionally wearing feminine clothing. Many comments on his coming out post say “this isn’t a surprise” or “we already knew”. However, maybe the point of the video was not to shock and surprise people but simply for his sexuality to come from him. We think it was a fabulous idea and fully support him.

Gustavo Rocha Gay

So... what now for Gustavo?

Hmmm…Will anything change in regard to his content? We hope not, we can’t get enough of his super sexy Instagram videos and his funny Tik Toks. However, whatever he posts, as longs as we get to see his gorgeous face, amazing body and silly sense of humour, I’m sure it will be amazing.

What about his fanbase? He could have just expanded his audience to a whole new group of fans from gay people who’re wanting to come out to those who live a fabulously flamboyant life and will love watching Gustavo’s iconic videos knowing that he’s gay.

It’s only good news for us…there’s another gorgeous gay man in the world! We hope that Gustavo feels like a weight has been lifted (looks like it has in his video). It’s really nice to see that his twin brother is super supportive over the subject and we wish him nothing but good things in the future and plenty of

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