Here Come The Boys-on

Kris Boyson in bulging grey pants and topless with muscles

Kris shows it washboard abs and package


Say what you will about Katie Price, but she seems to have quite a good taste in men. While she does seem to get through them at a rate we would all be proud of, in the aesthetics department she clearly has a type – and we’re here for it! It seems like a millennium since she was cavorting with Peter Andre on their reality show but nowadays we’d wager Peter holds his wife’s hand a little tighter every time he sees her doing something monstrously mucky on TV.


After Katie gave up on dating popstars such as Dane Bowers and Mr Mysterious Girl, she delved into the delights of models and strippers. First there was Leandro Penna, the Spanish model who famously couldn’t speak any English. You only need to look at pics of Leandro however and you’ll see that words surely wouldn’t be necessary. To say he was easy on the eye is an understatement so frankly what he had to say was neither here nor there.


Leandro Penna topless with grey background

Leandro shows us just why Katie was enamoured 


Next up was stripper extraordinaire and alleged sex addict Kieran Hayler. You don’t need to look far on YouTube to find Mr Hayler’s work and very good at it he is too. They went on to have two wonderful kids (we lose count as to how large her brood is these days) but their break up was messy with constant tabloid stories we won’t go into here but he had some hot moments.


On to the man of the moment, Kris Boyson. He just seemed to pop up as one of the latest of Katie Price’s beaus years ago but just this week he has come to our attention for a different reason. And it’s clear, Katie Price’s loss is Bianca Gascoigne’s win. Daughter of footballing legend Paul Gascoigne, Bianca has been on the reality scene for years and even though she might be getting Katie’s sloppy seconds, we wouldn’t be complaining, the sloppier the better!


Kris Boyson going for run topless with blue shorts 

Another day, another bulge for Kris


Kris Boyson is an ‘aspiring reality star’ which would explain his choice of girlfriends but he has a killer bod and is also a fitness instructor and life coach. The man is not afraid to get his guns out and cavorting with Bianca in Croatia this week almost made us forget about the pandemic. We love a good set up paparazzi shot (you didn’t think one happened to be lurking by the pool did you?) but the pair look hot and happy and as long as Kris keeps losing his clothes, we’re happy for him to be on a never ending reality star journey.

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