Hot Guys In Suits - Election News Special!

Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper in suits on blue carpet

 You can cast our news any day Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo!


When you think of BBC news, you might think ‘reliable’, ‘classic’ or ‘informative’. One place your mind certainly doesn’t jump to is ‘ooh, hot guys!’. Sure, some of the sports lads are certainly easy on the eye, but it’s a rarity let’s be honest and for the most part it’s older guys that don’t know the meaning of the phrase ‘male grooming’. We’d settle for a silver fox but alas all we get is a greying hound.


As always, it’s a different story across the pond. It’s been a harrowing and lengthy election season that is finally coming to an end. No matter who you supported, Trump or Biden, you can be in no doubt that it’s been emotional and exhausting.


Hot off the press


One thing has kept us going with all the obsessive watching and that’s the hunks that seem to populate CNN. It seems to be a prerequisite to be something of a hottie if you’re going to be an anchor on the world’s most watched news channel that Trump famously accused of being ‘fake news’ and dubbed the ‘Clinton News Network’ during the very messy 2016 race to the White House. 


chris cuomo and child holding fish with muscles

Yes yes great catch... erm Chris was hiding THAT under his suit?!


The main object of our news-based lust is Chris Cuomo. He’s the brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and is a hulking, sensitive, intellectual with a secret killer bod. Here’s a man that clearly hits the gym on the regs and must have to have special suits made to house those bulging biceps. One flex of those muscles and your average Next menswear shirt would be in tatters like a pink Incredible Hulk!


Silver surfer 


Of course, he’s not he only one and people have been swooning over Anderson Cooper for many a year now. Out and proud Cooper is a silver fox and has been out and proud for years. He recently became a father for the first time and his emotional monologues about it are a must see for any gay guy that’s considering taking the huge step towards parenthood.


Van jones in suit on red carpet

Van Jones - we love a man in touch with his emotions


When we say things have gotten emotional, we mean emotional. It all got a bit too much for the very sexy Van Jones who broke down in tears at the announcement that Joe Biden was to be the next president of the United States. We are certainly not averse to seeing grown man cry and support all forms of emotion. Better out than in and to show one’s vulnerable side can be very attractive indeed.


And finally... 


So there you have it, if you have felt the need to shake your news consumption up in this era of bad news or are tired of the constant barrage of miserable tidings, take a look at some of the US news outlets. The stories they cover might be basically the same but at least you get a little eye candy as your eyes glaze over during the next doom-laden report!


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