Guide to Hot Netflix Guys 101 - MUST SEE

Netflix really is the answer to many of our problems, right?
Cold & rainy winter day – Netflix.
Hungover with a takeaway en route - Netflix.
First time inviting a love interest back to your place - Set the chilled vibes with… Netflix.

But what really makes a series a series worth re-watching? The acting skills, the location, the setting or the storyline? Of course, it’s a mixture of the above but what really helps sometimes is having a super-hot lead actor or even a gorgeous underdog. So, if you’re on the hunt for a series with some sexy eye candy, keep scrolling…

Prison Break - Michael Schofield

Did anyone seriously enough watching Michael Schofield try to save his brother out of a political conspiracy nightmare? In Prison Break not only does Michael play a hero with a body to die for but he is also a problem solving, plan plotting genius. Beauty & brains – what else could you ask for?! Not to mention he is literally covered in tattoos, or at least one very big tattoo. Whoever got to be Schofield’s cell mate was a lucky guy.

 Fun fact: Wentworth Miller (who played Schofield came out as gay in 2013).

 Micheal Schofield in PrisonSexy Michael Schofield in Prison Break, the hottest mastermind to date

Vampire Diaries – Stefan & Damon

In Vampire diaries, you’ll either be a Stefan guy or a Damon guy. Who you pick says a lot about your taste! Into bad boys and trouble? Then Damon the dark-haired sex god is your man. Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder, Damon could be described as sinister, cold hearted and ruthless. Quite the opposite to his younger brother Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) who is sweet, caring and kind. Both brothers have dashing good looks but who has the edge? Prince charming like Stefan or typical bad boy Damon.


Stefan and Damon The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Brothers Stefan & Damon


The Fall – Paul Spector

Bringing us more up to date, The Fall is led by the one and only Jamie Dornan who plays a bondage fanatic like character in Fifty Shades of grey. Into rough play in the bedroom? Well Dennis takes it perhaps, one step too far in The Fall. We won’t spill anymore juicy details just in case you’ve not watched the new Netflix release yet but brace yourself for some next level pschyosexual behaviour.

Jamie Dornan The FallJamie Dornan plays Paul Spector in The Fall 

Gossip Girl - Chuck & Nate

A slightly different vibe… Set in the big apple, Gossip Girl is based upon the lives of a bunch of spoilt upper east siders who find their lives being broadcasted on an online platform called Gossip Girl, sometimes even untrue vicious rumours. The list of hotties go on forever in this series as so many characters come in and out of the storyline, So we’ll just stick with the two leads Chuck Bass & Nate Archibald.

Chuck (played by Ed Westwick) starts his time on screen as a young troubled teen who messes with Blair Waldrof’s heart & goes on to be a thriving businessman who becomes a self-made billionaire of New York. Chuck’s best look is wearing very expensive looking suits with quirky & colourful ties.

Nate’s character in the programme is opposite to Chucks’s. He lives his life by his morals of being a loyal friend and treats his love interests to the highest standard. There aren’t many girls in the programme who haven’t been involved with Nate, possibly even none! Shirtless Nate is a treat for the eyes, that’s for sure.

Chuck and Nate Gossip Girl Gossip Girl Nate Archibald & Chuck Bass

Breaking Bad – Jessie

Bit of an unconventional one… Anyone into Jessie from Breaking Bad? If you don’t know him, he’s the young sidekick of crystal meth king, Walt. Jessie has a very relaxed approach to life, wearing his jeans halfway down his arse, his underwear waistband is always on show. He may not have a buffed bod and a manly personality, but Jessie definitely fits the bill of a guy who doesn’t give a f*** about anything and that’s why we like him.


Jessie Breaking BadJessie Chapman in Breaking Bad 

You - Joe

We’ve all experienced a toxic relationship; well Joe Goldberg LOVES them. Joe the bookstore manager in New York develops an unhealthy obsession with his love interests, throughout both series, but how far will he take it? Although his character in You is creepy and someone you’d probably want to avoid, he’s played by Penn Badgley who isn’t everyone’s type but definitely easy on the eye.

Joe Goldberg in You Joe in You played by Penn Badgley

90210 - Liam & Teddy

I could write a list as long as my arm for this one. 90210 is gorgeous guy central and we’re here for it. Our favourite has got to be Liam Court played by the sexy Matt Lanter, look at those gorgeous smouldering eyes. Liam on a surfboard is all we need. Okay one more, because he is just special to look at… Teddy Montgomery played by Trevor Donovan looks extra delicious in his tennis whites.

Liam 90210Topless Liam Court in 90210

        Teddy 90210Teddy Montgumery playing tennis 90210

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