Hot Rugby Star Jack Williams Strips Off

We were recently fortunate enough to find one of the most amazing Instagram accounts yet. Imagine this, a page just full of hot rugby players, topless, in action on the pitch, in speedos on holiday and more… Well you don’t have to imagine – go ahead and take a look and follow @rugby_sports_xx


Hot Rugby Player Goals…


We homed in on one rugby star in particular on this fabulous account thanks to this GIF uploaded by @rugby_sports_xx


Here, the Rugby player Jack Williams is mid stride whilst taking his rugby shirt off revealing his extremely hot body.


Oh heyyyyy. Who is this gorgeous blonde hunk who’s whipping off his rugby shirt?! Introducing Jack Williams… Jack is a 25-year-old Australian rugby player, weighing 98kg and let me tell you – it’s all muscle. This man looks like he means business as he shows us his toned abs, his delicious chest, his very well-built shoulders and his huge arms… I mean wow, that thick neck and manly chiselled jawline just makes us want to be right there next to him as he removes his tight-fitting rugby top. Not to mention the hotties following on behind him also showing their gorgeous bods.


Jack Williams Rugby Player

Jack Williams underneath another rugby player being tackled to the ground. His perked arse is raised whilst the rest of his body is in the plank position. Jack is determined not to let the opposition steal the rugby ball away.


We can’t not daydream after looking at this beautiful picture. The hot rugby player on top of him has his crotch area very close to Jacks gorgeous toned bum and we can’t help but be a bit jealous!


Jack Williams Playing Rugby Shoulder Muscles

Jack Williams caught in action giving it his all to get somewhere quickly with that rugby ball. His rugby kit is clenching tightly around his muscles whilst his teammates are running in the same direction.


We love this sexy AF picture of Jack, mostly because he doesn’t even know how amazing he looks – he’s just trying to score some points for his team! Also, this kit is giving us major sexy sportsman vibes. The gorgeous light blue shade T-shirt combined with the dark shorts is really working for us.


Jack Williams Running With Rugby Ball

Jack Williams running with the ball whilst a player from the opposite team is going in for the tackle from behind. His biceps and triceps making a very obvious appearance.


Now, have you ever seen something so sexy?! I wish it was me he was clenching onto instead of that rugby ball. Maybe one day… Until then, I guess we can just enjoy these glorious pictures.

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