How Long Should My Underwear Last?

Imagine sitting with your friends, but you're clearly uneasy. You get up now and then to rearrange yourself, pacing around just to put everything in place. To top it off, you have a burning urge to scratch your bottom—man, you need to say goodbye to your underwear!

If this makes you wonder how long an underwear pair should last before you need to replace them? here's what you should know.

Box Model washing Underwear

Tell-Tale Signs It's Time to Replace Your Underwear

Well we would hope that you are updating your underwear drawer with new Box goodies every so often, and if you're not, THEN WHY NOT?! Not updating your underwear is one of the reasons why most guys don't understand when's the best time to replace their undies and carry on until they find tears and holes exposing their package.

While it's a no-brainer that this is a clear sign you should ditch your beloved underwear, there are a few other ways to know. For example, most men disregard stretched-out underpants because of the added comfort they provide. However, when it comes to underwear, it's better to wear ones that are well-fitting and not too loose. Moreover, if the elastic band gives out, the fabric loses shape, becomes flimsy or discoloured; it's time for those undies to go.

Sure, old underwear might harbour bacteria, but that shouldn't be the sole criterion for underwear replacement. At the end of the day, your undies should make you feel comfortable and give added support. However, this also means that you must thoroughly wash and replace your underwear on a regular basis to avoid itchy, irritated genitals.

How Long Should My Underwear Last?

While you can do a few things to make your underwear last longer, you must choose high-quality underwear made of long-lasting materials. Underwear made from low-quality fabric is more prone to ripping and losing its shape than underwear made of organic cotton.

Your cleaning regimen also determines the life of your underwear. Hence, when it comes to washing your favourite Box products, experts recommend following a few guidelines. 

  • Hand washing with cold water is recommended.
  • Do not use harsh detergents.
  • Avoid using dryers – always hang dry.
  • When cleaning stained undies, coat the stain with baking soda, leave it for a while, and then hand wash it with cool water.

 These steps will not just help your undies last longer but also protect you from getting exposed to harmful micro-organisms.

 Box Model Dan Soar washes underwear

How Often Should You Wash Your Underwear?

In general, you should only wear your underpants for a whole day at a time and then wash them before re-wearing them. Are you going to die for wearing the same pair for longer than a day? No, you aren't. However, your private parts can become irritated, and things might get itchy down there.

Washing your undies with hot water will ensure all living bacteria are destroyed. Also, run a hot water wash without any clothes to clean the machine each month to kill any harbouring germs and bacteria.


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