How to enjoy alcohol and still maintain a healthy lifestyle

Whatever your aim in the gym, enjoying yourself and having a social life whilst trying to achieve your dream body always seems one of life’s hardest tasks.

Alcohol is often frowned upon when trying to keep fit and is referred to as ‘empty calories’ but we live in a world where most social arrangements include booze. And we won’t lie, we love it, after all, we need to socialise and get out to wear our BOX briefs.

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Okay so, no one wants to give up their entire social life for the gym, but maintenance is always key with any lifestyle goal. So how do we uphold our dream BOX Menswear body whilst enjoying our life?

  1. First things first, everything in moderation. If you have a gym session planned on a Friday night, but work friends invite you for a drink, go for the drink. Don’t feel guilty if you miss a workout, relaxing and being sociable is just as important for your mind, body and soul as being healthy is.

  2. Always be aware of your limits. For example, if some people are drinking, they are drinking all night, this doesn’t always have to be the case. You are allowed to go out and have a ‘drink or two’ and still have fun. Always know your limits, people drink faster than others, you do not need to race. Just enjoy yourself at a regular pace.
  3. Know your drink. Nowadays with the world really into its fitness and health there are more drinks on the market that are lower in calories and less sugar. These are always better options if you know you are going to be out all-night boozing. For example, a G&T is only around 110 calories, (only around 60 calories if you opt for slim-line tonic.) If you’re going to a house party and need to bring a bottle we recommend Petite Prosecco, a new lower calorie prosecco with just 59 calories per glass and still 10.5% ABV. Perfect!
  4. Always prepare for the late-night munchies. Speaking from experience, cravings for snacks after some alcohol is a real struggle. Don’t stop off at the local pizza place on the way home, prepare some snacks before the night out, this way when you get home your snacks are all ready to indulge in. Guilt Free and helping you keep the body that was made for BOX Boxer shorts.
  5. Try and do some exercise the next day. One thing we always do after a night getting boozy is some sort of exercise the following day. Whether this be a hard gym sesh’ a small home workout or a simple park stroll with your dog, it all helps. Fighting off some of the calories you consumed the night before will make you feel better and more alert. Is there anything worse than wasting an entire day hungover? We think not!

One thing that always keeps us going and motivated to stay fit and healthy is how we look in BOX underwear. The perfect mirror selfie is the biggest motivation, right? (okay so we are a little vain, who cares?) 


Have you got any tips for us? Drop us a comment we would love to know.

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