How to Find Your Perfect Fit in Box Underwear

Finding the right size for you in underwear is important because not only will it make you feel good, but will be comfortable around your bulge and make it look the best as possible 😉

What will you need?

First of all, you will need to strip down and find a tape measurer....

Once that is sorted, it is time to measure your waist. Many people skip this step and just take a guess, but this can result in picking a size that won't fit you 100% right.

The waist falls between the top of your hips, just below the belly button. Wrap the tape around, and voila! You have your waist measurement. 

Here are our BOX size charts for referencing so that you can find your perfect fit:



Briefs, Shorts, Trunks, and Swimwear:

If you are between sizes, pay attention to your body type and past experiences with underwear. If you have slightly bigger legs in proportion to the waist and usually have problems with underwear being tight fitting on the thighs, go a size up and vice versa. 

There is then of course picking the style of underwear that will make you feel the most confident. Are you a boxers, or briefs kind of guy? 😜

You can find help picking your style of underwear HERE.

The world of underwear is your oyster and we want our customers to be able to feel and look their best in BOX menswear. 

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