Instagram's huge-chested Jay Cottz wants a girthier bulge!

He might have the most ridiculous chest on Instagram, but Irish hunk Jay Cottz reveals the hard work he has had to put in to look this fit!

What are we fellas like, eh? When no one’s watching, we just can’t help ourselves from thumbing our way through hundreds of Instagay profiles of the most gorgeous, fit-bodied spunks the world has to offer, desperately (wet) dreaming that one day they could be lying right there next to us!

From the look of most of these gorgeous hunks who shamelessly flash their pecs, thighs and bulges for all to see, you'd think they were the cockiest so-and-sos around. But as it turns out, even these boys with oh-so perfect physiques have had to deal with their own body insecurities and have taken time to grow to love the way they look.

Meet Jay Cotter, a 30 year old Irish instagrammer and OnlyFans star, who boasts the most incredible chest we’ve ever seen. Here, he chats to us about how bulking up and having a hair transplant gave him some much needed confidence plus reveals why he is happy to strip off your pleasure over on OnlyFans and why he fancies a fatter piece!

Jay, you look totally fit. Were you always confident about your body?

In all honesty, being insecure made me the man I am today and I could not be happier, otherwise I think I would have stayed in a safe place and never had the motivation to change myself.

What do you mean by that?

Well, I was not the most desirable guy in school - in fact the girls rarely wanted me. In my early twenties I was a very normal guy, but never used products on my face or body other than shampoo and body gel. Also my hair started to recede slowly throughout my entire twenties and that was one of my most insecure things, but I eventually fixed through surgery. I got bored in college and decided to go to the gym here and there, but hardly knew what I was doing. It took me a long time to figure out how to eat and construct good programme. That passion became a love and then I studied exercise.

Your chest is proper insane! You must practically live in the gym!

Thanks. My chest is my proudest feature and certainly the part people comment on the most. I workout six to seven days a week for around 90mins a day. 

Was there a specific reason why you decided to bulk up?

To be honest, I wanted to be 'that guy' in the magazines. I wasn't particularly very attractive and I did not like my skinny fat body - that's when you're thin but have a little belly forming. All I was doing was college, gaming, and meeting friends on weekends, and eating anything I wanted without much care. If it tasted good, I wanted it.

As a gay guy, do you feel a pressure to look the way you do?

There is certainly a pressure that comes with being pretty well-known on social media.  Since I have a lot of topless photos I certainly know that if I'm not putting in the effort with my gym work and diet, my followers will be the first to notice and comment, and I am grateful for this; they help keep me on track more than they know. When the going is tough and you get your inbox full of amazing heart-warming comments or that I've inspired people or made people happy or laugh, it's all worth it and they help me. I am forever grateful. Thank you!

Are you still conscious about the way you look?

One hundred per cent but I think we all are and I really don’t think it should seen as a bad thing either, it encourages us to look after ourselves. However, there are many people who obsess about it, and they are the most insecure of all. I am not the guy to go get tans, or always need my beard and beard hairs to be perfectly shaped and be the correct length. It's ok to not wear makeup, it's ok to not wear a new wardrobe every week, it's ok to not to be perfectly groomed before you go outside the door, it's ok to not look in the mirror every five minutes.

We know which part of your body is our favourite, but what’s yours?

My chest, of course. I think everyone likes it best! I love how unique my it is, there's a great desirable shape to it. However, I want to increase the width of my upper back and shoulders so I am wider. I want to get my triceps up a bit more too as they are stubborn, and I always enjoy making my lower body bigger, nothing wrong with big legs and booty! AMEN! PRAISE THE LORD!

You’re an unshamedly furry fella – have you ever waxed or shaved your fabulous fuzz?

I trim my body when I feel the need for it. I actually embrace my hairy chest, but it grows rapidly that I need to reduce it. People generally don't understand until I explain that I need to reduce it so I can see my work, as the hairs can cover the lines and hide fullness.

Do you keep it tidy down below?

I believe it is essential that everyone should trim to make it generally more appealing, and is a sign they look after themselves. Otherwise it gets sweaty and smelly down there. And God knows, there could be some crumbs from last night's pizza down there still. I don't like it when someone completely removes their hair down there, it just looks wrong. They look like a prepubescent child, and let me tell you something, that's not what I want in a man.

What do you find attractive in other guys' bodies?

Beards, masculinity, hair, thick legs are always is a huge plus, thick back and nice arms, nice eyes and killer smile. Also I generally find myself drawn to darker skin. Plain and simply, if I like the look of you that's great, but serve an amazing personality and I'm yours. 

Have you ever worried about the size of your dick?

It does the job, but I probably wouldn't mind a tad more girth - but just a tad.

You can get loads of sexy underwear here at Box Menswear, but are yo a boxers or briefs kinda guy?

I prefer briefs, they are sexier than boxers most of the time, and don't hide my big booty shape or cover my big legs. Boxers are fine for comfort, training, and chilling about, but I don't find them sexy. Nothing when I'm in bed or often I'm naked in my bedroom full stop. It's my space, I do what I want. 

You have an OnlyFans page - what do you do on it?

My Onlyfans is like a YouTube channel and is full of V-Blogs about many topics. It is also home to more glimpses into my personality. Singing, dancing, stripping, and playful nudity. A large and varied mix.

Do you full nudity or more? 


Do you worry about what friends and family think?

My bio tells people exactly what to expect. You get what you sign up for.  I know some of my friends watch it, that's their choice, I’m an entertainer.

Is there any thing you wouldn’t do?

I don't do porn.

You must get loads of messages from fans. What’s the kinkiest thing someone has ask you'd to do?

Beat them up and make them feel like they are trash using any method I wished, which could include bodily fluidsBeat them up and make them feel like they are trash using any method I wished, which could include bodily fluids.

Is it a lucrative career to do?

It can be, although everyone and their mother uses it nowadays so its a lot harder to stand out and make insane cash, people obviously do however, but I dislike the site as it is not eye appealing for starters in terms of layout and creators can't make their page really stand out by designing it. They do implement tiny improvements here and there but the site runs horribly most of the time and visually dull.

How do you keep the channel fresh?

I am not a one trick pony like a lot of channels I get free passes to. People know I got talents and actually don't hide my personality. I always encourage fans to send requests for content they would like to see. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

What do you think your fans get from it? Is it purely sexual, or do they forge a virtual friendship with you?

Honestly, many use it to find out more about my life. They know there is not going to be porn, although that question pops up time to time. I love showing my body, I love being silly, I love dancing, singing, talking about issues, talking about health and fitness etc. I have so much I can make content on. Unfortunately the majority of OnlyFans only have a cock or ass and that gets old extremely quickly. People make a page with delusions of huge wealth because they have a nice body, ass, cock etc. Unfortunately the majority soon realise it’s not what they thought. I also have seen people quit because the pressure of needing to perform.

Have you met any of your fans? 

Yes, people stop me at events and tell me they know me generally from Instagram, some tell me they enjoy my OnlyFans. I am MORE than happy to stop and talk to any fan as long as I'm not in a rush or currently in the middle of something. After all, it is them who got me to my current popularity, always give back.

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