Nathan Wyld is Leaving us Bewildered by his Booty Pictures

Today we have explored down under only to discover that Aussie booty is just as hot as we thought...😏

Nathan Wyld is a hunky Australian stripper with a dreamy physique and a juicy booty that has us drooling on the floor. To add to that, a bulge that we can only imagine to be humungous. 

Working as a stripper and dancer in Melbourne, Nathan can sort all your fantasies out by transforming himself into a policeman, a fire man, or a solider, and we do enjoy a man in uniform. Nathan is most certainly not shy of his attributes either, giving us a feast of numerous chiseled, naked butt pics every month and sometimes even days in a row..

Proud as can be of his body, he even stated in his instagram pictures "always naked, always have my arse out."


 Nathan oozes with confidence completely naked in a swimming pool. Showing off his peachy derriere that would look stunning in a pair of wet white BOX boxer shorts. Nathan clearly is a gym lover by the look of his muscular back, bulging biceps and toned bum. 


 Clearly not shy, Nathan poses on his bed which is a clear popular position for him rooting through his instagram images. Maybe box should bring out some male pyjamas?


 Nathan poses freshly spray tanned in a beauty salon. That would be a lovely surprise if you entered the salon and saw him standing there naked with his neatly groomed down below and toned body out. Hello!


 Nathan clearly loves to be at one with nature in his birthday suit, right? We will go for a dip any day in that lake with you! We might slip on a pair of BOX mens briefs tho... for moral support!


 The hunk clearly thinks well of himself pulling off a G-string better than some women he thinks. Take that off and get on a BOX Jockstrap Nath!!!


I think its time to get him in some BOX briefs don't you think? Or out of...

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