Model Ted Pullin Gives Us Chills Bathing In His Boxers

Ted's feeling a bit blue, not as blue as his toes though in an ice bath!


We love us a pair of thick rugby legs and model Ted Pullin sure has them to spare. Keeping fit and trim, or at least not turning into Jabba The Hutt has been a tough ask this year, I think we can all agree. Going for a run always seems like a good idea but blasting those good intentions into fruition has been a challenge to say the least.


What better a hot-spiration than Ted, who at 6’2 and with his sportsman build shows (or shames) us into bettering ourselves. We caught him on his Insta-story post run and doing what most of us would balk at…having an ice bath.


Cold to the touch


While it sounds like a nightmare and not something you’d jump at the chance of doing, an ice bath is choc (ice) full of health benefits. As we see Ted not exactly slip into his ice bath but more grimace his way in. His muscly thighs that have clearly had a good work out can feel eased whilst also limiting his body’s inflammatory responses.


 Ted Pullin with top off

Hmm whats this down here then? Looks like a washboard to us! 


An ice bath also helps your central nervous system and aids your sleep cycle which of course means you have less fatigue. So why not forget that cosy bath with candles and a glass of vino like you’re Mariah celebrating her Christmas number 1 (at last) and go for a wintery cold freezing dip like our man Pullin.



No man's an island...


So, Ted isn’t just an Instamodel, he’s an actual real-life model too having worked for various brands including BoxMenswear and BoohooMen. He might even seem bit familiar if you’re an avid watcher of ITV2 sensation Love Island.


At one point last year there were bags of speculation how he was going to be the next big star of the show. After reportedly being a reserve contestant in 2018, Ted didn’t make the final cut and producers were apparently keen to get him on last summer’s show.


Ted Pullin in jeans, topless with abs and pecs out

It's all about the jeans clearly with Ted


Sadly, this never materialised, unlike his work opportunities which certainly keep going on the up and up. A show like Love Island is, by its very nature, a showcase of future reality stars, their personalities and of course their hotness. Seeing as there’s been so many series of the show now, and so many contestants, it’s quite possible you get lost in the quagmire. Unless you’re a stand out character, what’s the point when you already have a profile and a career in modelling?


Ted certainly has us pulled in and we look forward his next project, whether he’s in a bath, a shower or a sauna, we’re here for it.

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