Is Tom Hardy the Next James Bond?

Could Tom Hardy Be The 007th James Bond...

Could we be looking at our sexiest 007 agent to date? Rumour has it that the UK’s hottest eye candy Tom Hardy is replacing Danial Craig as James Bond.

Topless Tom Hardy 

Top Sexiest Tom Hardy Characters

According to The Vulcan Reporter this sexy guy is who we’re looking at as our new James Bond, so want to get excited with us about Tom Hardy and his potential latest role? Let’s reminisce about some of our favourite Tom Hardy characters so far…

Now, we all remember the suit porn that was Tom Hardy in Inception. If that got you hot and sweaty then you better brace yourself for the UK’s favourite action-packed film James Bond. Fulfilling many of our fantasies, you can for sure expect to see heart throb Hardy in a sexy suit for 90%-100% of the film, hopefully give or take a few topless takes.

 If we think back to Tom Hardy's fine ass in The Dark Knight Rises, some may be a fan of the unlimited amounts of topless scenes showing off his biceps, pecks, six pack and more. However, we did have to sacrifice his gorgeous grid. So hopefully, we see can make up for his fierce facial expressions in as the 007th 007.

Agent 007 is known to be highly intelligent, cunning & diabolically independent. We wonder if Tom will channel a slight bit of badass like Forrest did in Peaky Blinders. Maybe we’re about to see a Sexy James Bond that will seriously dominate everyone around him.
Tom Hardy in A Suit


Why would we love to see Tom Hardy as the next James Bond?

Not only does Tom manage to absolutely nail transforming into his character mentally & emotionally… He does this on top of connecting with his audience with raw passion and skill – not to mention he looks like a god whilst doing it. So, who better than Tom Hardy to play such a well-known and loved character like James Bond.

IF this news is true (we really hope it is), Tom hardy will by far be the most established actor to play bond. Not to undermine the work of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig but they were very much so actors that were up and coming. Whereas Tom Hardy has played many characters that we’re all familiar with, whether its Mad Max or John Fitzgerald in The Revenant.

Sexy Tom Hardy

The thought of Tom as agent 007 could be fulfilling many of your fantasies – we know it’s fulfilling ours here at Box Menswear. Due to the worldwide pandemic, we may be waiting a little longer to see this sexy guy on our screens, but when the day comes you better be ready with popcorn.

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