Jack Fincham Gets His Dream Body Ready For Big Boxing Match

2018’s Love Island winner Jack Fincham looks like a new man after major weight loss transformation. Read on to see where he’s at now vs what he looked like pre Love Island.
When Jack was amongst his fellow Love Islanders he was branded as having a ‘dad bod’. This was simply because he was a normal looking guy but was surrounded with nothing but Greek adonis looking lads!
Living with a bunch of men who’re carved like Gods and spend their days topless and flexing those muscles must have been difficult enough, but to then face the backlash of the public eye… Poor Jack! However, he had a huge fan-base and overall was seen as a funny, decent, genuine lad and luckily, he didn’t pay any attention to the haters anyway. He cracked on being exactly who he was before Love Island and we did not see a drastic weight loss.
Having said this, 2 years down the line he’s seriously gotten into shape – but this wasn’t to prove a point to haters. The reason for Jack’s 2 stone weight loss was so that he could be on top form for a boxing match he has coming up.
Jack Fincham posted the results of his weight loss on his Instagram story and tagged Adam Collard (a fellow Love Island star) saying “I’m coming for ya”. Jacks banterous sense of humour that we all know, and love suggests that this is all in good fun – not to mention the crying laughing face on the post!
Jack Fincham mirror selfie posted to show weight loss
Jack Fincham topless taking a mirror selfie showing off his shredded abs of steel and extremely toned pectorals, shoulders and biceps. Wearing nothing but a pair of red shorts. You can just about make out that he has either recently been on holiday or just had a 9-minute holiday – look at those tan (or burn) lines!
Well he can certainly say goodbye to that ‘Dad bod’ title, there’s not much fat left on him. He looks extremely toned and more than ready for a boxing match. In Jacks Insta post he compared himself to Adam Collard who may I say is seriously in shape. No like, seriously – take a look…
Adam Collard Mirror Selfie Wearing Only Boxers
A mirror selfie of Adam Collard exposing his super ripped tanned body and his huge bulge. He’s wearing teal thick waistband boxers that are firmly holding his package in place.
As if his gorgeous body wasn’t enough, his manly masculine face is also a dream. Give us a chance Adam!
Anyway, moving on swiftly – this is about Jack Fincham transforming into an absolute hunk! Check out this throwback of the picture that was released of his just before going into the villa. A little before and after just to put into perspective how far he’s come.
Jack Fincham Love Island 2018
Jack Fincham, pre Love Island picture back from 2018. Jack is wearing a green unbuttoned shirt paired up with some pink swimming shorts covered in palm trees. He’s leaning against the backdrop behind him with one foot pressed up against it.
Here we see the Jack Fincham that we were presented with in 2018, just a nice guy with an average bod! The image below shows Jack very recently after doing some training to become a professional boxer.
Jack Fincham Topless Wearing Nothing But Blue Shorts After a Heavy Workout
Jack Fincham posing for a picture in a gym changing room. Smiling at the camera wearing nothing but a pair of blue shorts, white socks and black trainers. He’s got his white t-shirt in his hand and a glass of water in the other hand.
Of course, there’s always speculations. He got stick for being chubby and now just as you could have guessed, he’s getting comments about being too thin. Apparently, he’s received messages (mostly off girls) saying “get the Dad bod back”.
Well, we liked the Dad bod look! It separated him out from the other Love Islanders in a positive way – showing that not everyone is ripped to shreds! However, you can’t deny that he looks great here too! He’s very clearly worked hard to get where he is today and we’re proud – very well-done Jack!
Zoe Grimshaw

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