Jack Fowler's BIG BULGE

Love Island 2018 was one of our fave series so far, yes it may have been tamed down a little than its previous years, but it sure did not disappoint on bringing the eye candy which us viewers long for, right? Let’s face it, that’s why we watch the series and why it’s so successful, we want to see beautiful and fit young people create drama whilst semi naked. 

Even though Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham took home the crown and won the series, the real winner of the last series for us was late arrival Jack Fowler. Previously being a semi pro footballer, Jack was always going to be in major shape upon entering the villa and he definitely caught everyone’s eye. He made the girls, laugh, cry and blush and it’s no doubt why, judging from his latest Instagram mirror selfie.


Posing in a bathroom in nothing but a towel draped around his waist, no wonder the girls in the villa was oozing over this tall and handsome chap.

Some of Jack’s follower’s reactions to the selfie that got us laughing are below: 
‘I’ve gone blind 🍌🍆’
‘Sweet baby Jesus’
‘Has anyone lost a snake up in here? 🐍’
‘dick bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel’
‘Like in those Sci-fi movies, there is something trying to get out from under the towel...be a decent guy...and let it out’

The people of Instagram never disappoint, bravo!

However, Jack Fowler wasn’t the only big bulge out of the 2018 series. Let’s just say the series was full of err, snakes…

Jack Fincham, during the series he was known as the cheeky chap of the villa, who loved to laugh, prank and well, eat food – the dream basically, however we didn’t expect to find this old image of him on the internet packing a major…package!


Adam Collard, he was known as the man who made the girls weak at the knees. Causing 99.9% of the drama between the ladies and we can certainty see why judging from his sculpted body in these mirror snaps he uploaded before entering the villa!


Wes Nelson, we all remember trouser snake, right? It was no denying during the entire series that Wes was packing major heat in his tight boxer shorts.


Please lads, show us more, we are waiting and watching your instagrams!

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