Jingle all the gay! Holiday movies special

michael urie in single all the way

 Single all the Way stars Michale Urie and Philemon Chambers


Tis the season to be jolly. Well, almost. Now that people have gorged on Black Friday deals and are going for their Cyber Monday smashers, you might have missed that Christmas is on the horizon. Of course, we’re kidding and whether you’re ready to deck the halls or more likely to deck your annoying little brother, you can’t miss the fact that the shops are now in full festive flow.



The holiday season means one thing to a lot of people, movies. Namely romantic comedies with a festive feel. Think Miracle On 34th Street or Elf. Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke featuring the music of Wham was a particularly highlight in recent times. This year however, things are going a bit more gay with a brand new movie exclusive to Netflix where gay relationships are front and centre. Let’s have a cheeky look at Single All The Way and a few notable others.



dan levy and kirsten stewart in happiest season

Ew David! Dan Levy and Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season 


Single All The Way


Coming out on December 4th, Netflix's Christmas section will soon include the streaming mega-platform's very first gay Christmas movie Single All The Way. Starring Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie as a perpetually single man who convinces his friend to pretend to be his boyfriend for the holidays...not knowing his meddling (Sister Act’s Kathy Najimy) has already set him up on a blind date with someone rather hot and attractive (Luke Macfarlane). With added Jennifer Coolidge as the kooky aunt talking about Grindr, we are all in on this one.

Happiest Season


Another one from Netflix which came out, literally, last year starring Kristen Stewart lending her usually glum stylings to a romantic comedy. Happiest Season follows the story of a woman (Stewart) who brings her girlfriend home for the first time over the festive season, but it’s not all plain sailing as she hasn't even told her family she's gay yet so plenty of hilarity and drama ensues. The movie is written and directed by Clea Duvall and also stars Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy


Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder in The Christmas House

Coupled up Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder in The Christmas House

The Christmas House


It’s not only Netflix that’s on the tinsel strewn gay band wagon! When you’re scrolling endlessly through the channels, keep an eye out for The Christmas House. The story follows a married couple who face a challenging dilemma and invite their two adult sons to stay with them for two weeks over the holidays. One of the son’s is gay and is married to a baker (lucky him!) and the couple are in the midst of trying to adopt a child with all the struggles that that entails.

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