Joey Jay Shirtless & Sexy.

Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 13 Eye Candy - Joey Jay

Series 13 of the cult turned mainstream hit Drag Race has been widely received as the sexiest series to date, and with a quick peruse back through Instagram it seems that 12th place Joey Jay has delivered some thirst traps for your viewing pleasure. 


Towel Tuesday? Joey Jay stood posing for a topless selfie smizing like Tyra was watching (take notes Kahmora). 

In a series of images over the weeks, months and years before his big time TV debut the the Drag Artist shows that it's not just the weather that's hot in Arizona. 

It's uncommon for Drag Queens to use their real name as their stage name, yet Joey really is called Joey or Joseph to his parents. 

Joey who identifies as gender fluid describes themselves as 'a gay ass bitch' on the show, but wait, there's more bitch than that. Some more one liners for JJ are:

'I'm the dumbest bitch you'll ever meet.'

'Y'all think I'm a basic bitch..... You're not wrong, I can't eat spicy food, I love Vanessa Carlton...'

Singing in the Season 13 version of the Mama Ru hit Phenomenon, Joe's verse goes a little like this (in song): 'I'm a gay-ass bitch, I'm Joey Jay, filler queen plot twist, I came to slay. I'm taking 'em out, protocol, one by one I'm repping RuPaul. J-O-E-Y, what? J-A-Y. "But where's your wig?" The million dollar question, please sit down and let me give a lesson!'

The dedicated folk over at RuPaul's Drag Race Wiki Fandom also inform us that Joey is Jewish, before becoming a Drag Queen Joe would compete in all male beauty pageants and that JJ auditioned 3 times before being cast in the hit show. Hard work does pay off right!



Image above from Joey's Instagram shows the half naked hunk and his trimmed chest hair, geometric shoulder and chest tattoo and toned physique. Joey is 30 years old. 

 Joey Jay Drag Queen wearing a red jumper

So you do wear clothes? Cute J smiling in a sheep themed Christmas jumper. 


Joey Jay for the Pit Crew?

After Joey was eliminated from the competition there were wide calls on social media, Twitter led that he be elevated to a member of the Pit Crew. For those who don't know, the Pit Crew are a bunch of typically handsome and sexy guys of all body shapes and sizes who come out to greet or aid the Queens half nude. 

With All Stars never far away perhaps we could see a return for JJ. 


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