Josh Cavallo blasts LGB Alliance

josh cavallo looking to the right

Handsome as the day is long, Josh Cavallo 


Newly out Adelaide United professional football player Josh Cavallo has barely been 'on the scene' for 5 minutes before he knows exactly who the goodies and the baddies are. And he’s not afraid to show a little shade either.


Of course when you come out you’re not all snaps and ‘hey gurrrl’ and nor would we expect him to be having been hiding his gay light under a bushel for so long but when confronted with blatant bigotry from a hate group trying to ‘own’ his coming out, it’s a different story.


From out to ally


Controversial group the LGB Alliance have been making waves with their tired and ridiculous rhetoric trying to remove trans and gender non-conforming people from the bosom of safety that is LGBTQ+. Their gender critical beliefs lead to purposefully misgendering trans people, denying the very existence of non-binary people all the while claiming they do good for lesbian, gay and bisexual people of which there is little evidence.


josh cavello sat on the floor

Is that a healthy bulge we spy in Josh's joggers?


Earlier in the year they were awarded charity status in the UK which has immediately been called into question, especially after they wrote in a now deleted tweet that gender non-conforming inclusivity it akin to accepting bestiality.


No alliance without the T


Cavello is clearly aware of some of the feathers in the LGB Alliance’s cap. When came out in a heartfelt post on October 27 it was a huge move for representation in a very straight world, also making him the world’s only current openly gay male top-flight professional footballer in the process.

In doing so he received congratulations from people all over the world. But when anti-trans group LGB Alliance reached out to him, clearly attempting to ‘claim him’ on a public platform, he was having none of it.


twitter conversation with josh and lgb alliance

B-B-B-Buuuuurnnn! Take that you transphobic tw*ts!


So he replied on that same public platform several days later (November 7) to shut it down in a very succinct fashion that certainly caught them off guard. He simply replied #lgbwiththet which of course infers to the fact that there IS no LGB alliance without the T.


In a somewhat cringey response, the LGB Alliance got a bit snippy and embarrassed themselves somewhat which is no huge surprise:


“Hi this probably required slightly less courage to tweet than your brave coming out; 11 days ago. But that’s absolutely fine. We believe the defence of gay rights requires a specifically LGB organisation. But there’s nothing wrong with respectful disagreement.”



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