Josh Riquelme Naked Photoshoot - Pictures!

Instagram Model Josh Riquelme Totally Nude. 

Behind The Scenes Pictures from a Photoshoot in NYC. 

Before the objectifying begins let's open by saying Josh is a long time friend of Box Menswear and one of the nicest guys around. 

A melting pot of ethnicities with family heritage from a bounty of countries including Dominican, Spanish and North American Josh really is the picture perfect Boy Next Door, even if he isn't All American. 

Where's The Nudes?

Ok, back to the objectifying then. Here's some pictures of when Box first met Josh in Flushing, New York City shooting with photographer Jade Young. 

Josh Riquelme sat nude on a chair with just socks on

Image above shows Josh behind the scenes at an underwear shoot, clearly naked except for the socks he's modelling. Sat on a stool looking over his left shoulder and with his left hand sitting on his leg. Josh is totally relaxed producing a soft smile with both heels perched on the bar at the bottom of his seat. 

It's clearly important to wear some clothes right? Otherwise it's just gratuitous nudity (which has it's place but not on set), so here's Josh wearing a pair of Original Grey Sports Socks. If you click the link to the left you'll see this image didn't quite make it onto the product page, but at least it didn't get wasted. 

Underwear model socks

In the photo above Josh retained his T-Shirt but pulls it up to his left nipple. Leaning back with a big smile you can see just how big his triceps and forearms are, look at the shadows. Also visible in this photo is Josh's V at the bottom of his stomach. In this shot the grey socks were swapped out for some black ones.  

Can we see his butt? 

Well seen as you asked so nicely, yes. 

Underwear model Josh Riquelme bum butt

The image above shows the 23 year old facing the white backdrop and away from camera. With his legs spread apart and pulling up his top to show his butt / bum off. Riquelme must be tensing his legs as his hamstrings and quads flex big time. Whilst not wearing a lot, he wears that skin fade haircut perfectly. Fresh! 


This being an underwear shoot, there were some images of this young man wearing some actual underwear (socks aside). Let's take a look at them too, starting with.....

Male Thong

Mens thong

Look how big that smile is, oh and his bulge too. Wearing a sheer transparent male thong by Box Menswear, underwear model Josh stands with his fists clenched and Batman abs on show, we counted 8. This look is finished with some perfectly trimmed chest and body hair. 

Lastly, we'll treat you to a Cobalt Blue Jockstrap. The smile on his face makes us think Jocks were the favourite item to model on the day. 

Blue Ribbed Jockstrap

Keeping his stance the same as to when modelling the see-through mens thong. Could you imagine wearing this super soft jockstrap under your suit trousers in work? Maybe you don't need to imagine it all because you know from experience, if that's the case DM us on Instagram and let us know! 


We will try and the College Hunk Business Major in for another shoot real soon COVID travel restrictions permitting. How about a GIF video of the man himself walking around our HQ in the UK helping with odd jobs. 

 If this isn't enough beef for you, head over to Josh's Instagram page here and you can see his recently home cut hair! 

Max Johsnon

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